Today was a big day for Luke - his first ever official “play date”. You see, this is my new plan: Luke likes other kids. Luke makes it hard for me to get things done around the house. I invite over other kids, Luke is entertained, I get things done. Win, Win, Win.

Since Luke thinks he is older than he is, I invited over a little boy from our ward who is twice his age. The only real problem I see is that his new friend has a much better command of the English language than Luke. Luke says, "Poopy, Please, Baby, Kitty Cat?" And the other kid responds, "What are you saying?" As I write this, they are bludgeoning each other with blocks in the playroom, yet I still hear them laughing, so it’s all good.

Luke had to show his friend how ALL his toys worked. (Notice, he is drooling with excitement. Gross.)

Luke is in heaven. This is the greatest day of his young life.


  1. I do play dates as babysitting trades so another mom and myself can get a break every once in a while. They seem to work out great and my boys love to play with friends!

  2. When I first read that the boy was twice his age I was thinking "wow" but then I remembered Luke is only 1- so the boy is 2. That is really cute to see Luke have a friend.

  3. These pictures make me smile. Thanks Cristin!

  4. Look at that loot! Wow! That would take a lot of time showing another kid how all of those things work!

  5. That is the joy of having so many older cousins who have outgrown all their baby toys... you get them all for free! I think the only thing in that room that we bought was the $7 blow up pool, we got HOOKED UP! Boo YA.

  6. Man, Luke looks so much like erik! that would probably explain his social tendencies as well- you guys did get hooked up with the toys, leyna is so jealous of all your cool things :) She's had a few "playdates", but she doesn't care about the other kids at all yet, she just likes to have a new set of toys to play with.



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