I realized recently that daily there is this inner battle that rages inside of me. I know that many people have inner battles, like overeating or some other sort of "addiction". My big problem is internet spoilers. I know they are bad, but I can't help going back over and over again.

Internet spoilers are way too easy to find and I don't have willpower to resist them. My favorite sites are:

The Movie Spoiler - Especially if I know I will never see the movie in the theatre because of the rating, I visit this site and feel some satisfaction in knowing what I am missing.

Office Spoilers - Every time I look I tell myself, "Don't do it again. Stop looking at spoilers, it makes the show not as fun." I have absolutely no willpower to overcome this, as much I want to.

Lost Spoilers - I am such a dork.

Sometimes I even waste time reading spoilers about tv shows I don't even intend to ever watch! This is how bad my addiction is. I'm guessing that a psychologist would probably say that my need to read spoilers stems from a deeper problem with patience, a fear of surprises, and a major lack of self-control.

By the way, if anyone knows of any good spoiler sites, please share!


  1. Okay, you should not have given those links. Now I'm going to be an addict too!

  2. I read way more than I ever watch tv these days. My spoiler is looking ahead to the end of the book to see if a major character is still alive, etc. I really have to talk myself out of doing it and for the most part I succeed. But every once in awhile I "accidentally" open to the last chapter and happen to glance around for some key names.



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