I'm trying to figure out what to wear to church tomorrow. Last Sunday I wore a cute wrap dress. Big mistake. I was wrestling with Luke to keep him on my lap, and as a result, I kept exposing way more leg (and thigh) than I wanted to the boys passing the sacrament every time he moved. Since Luke was using my lap as a trampoline, any ironing I did of the dress was also pointless because of his "pew acrobatics." Don't forget about all the half-eaten goldfish crackers decorating my chest either. (I just want to make sure you have a good visual here.)

Before I had a baby, I swore up and down that I would never turn into one of these women who wears flip flops and a denim jumper to church, but it's starting to become really impractical to continue wearing my pre-pregnancy heels and easy to wrinkle dresses when Luke destroys them so badly. I'm not going to wear flip flops or denim jumpers, but I do wonder if there is a nice happy medium. You know, something that is stylish, yet practical, with a crazy toddler? (Kelley: Maybe you could write about this in your blog, HINT HINT.)

I know my child is crazy, but he's not the only one. (If he was, sacrament meeting wouldn't be so loud.) So, here's my question: How do these other mothers stay so good looking and together at church (and elsewhere)? I call them Perfect Moms. (Erik calls them Plastic Moms. ) I'm sure you know a few PM's. They usually wear designer jeans and heels everywhere, even to the grocery store or park with their children. At church they look like they could be in a catalog. I often wonder if they ever touch their children, because if they did, they wouldn't be so un-wrinkled and polished.

I don't really watch Desperate Housewives, but I wanted to give you an example of Plastic Moms. With the exception of Lifetime Made for TV Movies, most moms on television are plastic looking. Even Claire on Lost looks really good, and she is on a deserted island.

I am actually very intimidated by these PM's. How are they so perfect? Why aren't their dresses wrinkled at church? Women won't admit it, but they tend to group themselves with other women that dress the same as them, hence the PM clubs, also called "Mom Peer Pressure." I will never be in the PM club because I refuse to wear heels to the park or have long hair when I am 40 (a la Teri Hatcher).


  1. Yeah, I hear you. Some wards are worse than others. It's not so bad here in Philly. I don't watch Housewives either, but I want to know who the random and slightly scary-looking lady is who's standing in the way back.

  2. That lady standing in the background is a dead lady- the narrator of the show. I love desperate housewives. Cristin, I will write a blog for you. I am sorry I haven't written one in a long time. i am sad I forgot the battery charger to my charger and I don't have my own computer right now.

    I want to write more... but I will safe it for my next post- Plastic Mom's.

  3. It's all about Cotton...it usually doesn't wrinkle too bad and you can wash most everything out of it. I wear a lot of long skirts and shirts. Not only for comfort, but practicality. I haven't worn my cute dry clean outfits in years. It's another mommy sacrifice.

  4. Yes, I know Im not a "mom", but I do work with kids. You CAN be cute, attractive, and well-dressed and still be a mom. Cristin, "high-heels"?? I dont think Ive ever seen that before by moms but you can look cute wearing comfortable, fitting pants (NOT some horrible ugly sweats that look like you slept in them) and cute, comfortable shoes, sandals or cute sneakers and a cute top that wont cause you stress if your kid spits up on it. My opinion is, I want my husband to look forward to coming home from work and seeing me because he will know that I actually took a few minutes to brush my hair and maybe put on some lip gloss and mascara, and that I wasnt running around all day with the same pants I wore to bed because I was too tired and just "didn't care" about how I looked. It also comes down to our personal health. If we take care of ourselves as women (work-out, eat right...) then we won't have to worry so much about looking too "frumpy". AND we will have extra energy to put a little more time in getting ready.

  5. Why don't you want to have long hair when you are 40? Since I was a kid I always swore I'd still have long hair when I was older instead of cutting it short and getting a perm like every other woman over 40. Although, my hair is currently short. But not necessarily forever.

    I don't understand how people wear all their cute shoes without getting blisters.

  6. Oh my gosh! I totally agree with you! It's practically impossible to make it through church without my clothes getting super wrinkled from holding a toddler... and the crushed cherios/goldfish are always a pleasant surprise too. In our ward in Washington, there are so many moms that look trendy and cute. I am so jealous. One of them even has twin babies! She has five kids and wears all the wrap dresses and the newest trends. I haven't figured out how they pull it off!

  7. Cotton does wrinkle extremely easily. the fabric you want to buy is knit jersey. It is the same material that all those wrap dresses are made out of and it is really hard to wrinkle. It is also machine washable.



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