Today I couldn't stop listening to the soundtrack from Hairpray. Did you know you can watch like whole movies practically on You Tube? Anyway, here are two clips since my other downloads weren't working:

I wish I could get this whole scene, but this was the best I could find without posting something someone shot in the movie theatre with their video camera.

SPOILER ALERT. This is the end of the movie. Here is a clip from what seemed like one of the longest closing numbers ever.


  1. Yesterday I watched "the last mimzy" and there was a preview for Hairspray and I instantly just started smiling and laughing. That movie was really soo enjoyable! but "you can't stop the beat"? That song is going to get annoying really fast! Hey- why don't you download "To the left to the left..." and memerize the words.

  2. I dragged my poor husband to the movie Hairspray for our anniversary night out. There was no way I was going to see Transformers to celebrate 9 years!! I loved it and had to download You can't Stop the Beat. Thanks for the expo tips!!

  3. Cristin, when I first saw the movie, I laughed A LOT but wasn't too fond of certain aspects of it, but the more I think about it, the more I really liked it and want to see it again. The dancing and singing were great and I've already admitted to Jonathan my secret crush on Zac Efron. Isn't he a cutie? For a 17 year old, I mean. :-)

  4. John and I really enjoyed seeing this movie with Kirsten and Else! Lots of fun....



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