We made it home late last night. It was tons of fun, but the straight 12 hour drive on the way home nearly killed all three of us. I know that less is more, but I have over 350 pictures from our trip. It was really hard to find just a few. So, here goes...

First off, Luke did extremely well in the car. He slept, played with his toys, ate food, clapped his hands to music... we rarely had to stop for him. I am very proud of that little boy.

Erik filling the car with its first tank of biodiesel.

The Winchester Mansion was fantastic. I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone going to San Jose. It's expensive, but worth the price. We got a great deal with a hotel/mansion tour package. Just make sure you aren't claustrophobic, because the rooms in the house are itsy bitsy.

Here is a picture outside the hotel room in San Jose that Luke trashed. The climax came when he spilled a whole jar of peanut butter on the carpet. I wanted to die. It was the first time we have ever left a tip for the maid. Erik spent an hour cleaning the room before we left.

We rode a trolley to Chinatown (in San Francisco). I lost my appetite for Chinese Food when I saw the posters advertising the food, it was a little too authentic for me. I guess I'll stick with Panda Express.

Erik and Luke in front of some bridge in San Francisco.

Here is my childhood fantasy being fulfilled. The drive thru tree was on a loop, so you could drive through as many times as you wanted. Very cool.

Luke and I eating breakfast at our campsite in Oregon. I can't believe what a big boy he's becoming. He loves to sit at the table and eat off a plate.

The view from the beach at our campground. The Oregon Coast almost seems unreal it is so beautiful.

Here are my grandparents, Luke and I. Erik didn't catch any fish the whole trip. Oh well. I say why is that so bad? It's great that there is nothing to clean or try to keep cold for the trip home!

This was how most of the visits with my grandparents ended. Luke didn't get a lot of naps while we were in Oregon, so yeah... you get the idea.

We discovered the joy of drive in movies during our trip. We went to a nice Drive In Theatre in San Jose and then this farmer's field in Crescent City, CA. It is fantastic being able to take Luke to movies this way. He sleeps in the car during the movies and we don't have to worry about him disrupting any of the other moviegoers. Plus, Drive-In's are really cheap. Just $10 per carload for a double feature. Too bad there aren't any near where we live. *sigh*


  1. What a fun trip! You are a trooper doing such a long car trip with a toddler. I miss drive in movie theaters. There used to be a big one in Ventura that is now a strip mall - Shame!

  2. You watched "hairspray" again! I don't think you posted too many pictures! I loved the one of you driving through the tree :) Glad you are back... I will call you soon.

  3. Luke's last picture says it all -- toddlers don't hold back their enthusiasm for being home and on a real schedule do they?

  4. First, I've totally been to that mansion house and have a picture somewhere to prove it. Although I didn't take the tour.
    Second, how do you spill peanut butter?
    Third, I'm totally jealous that you got to drive through that tree. I've been all over that area, and vaguely remember walking through a tree when I was a kid, and seeing pictures of cars driving through trees, but I don't think I've actually been in a car driving through a tree. Cross that off you r list of 100 things to do before you die.

  5. Glad you guys are back and had a sucessful trip! We have a drive-in here in SLC. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! We are drive-in junkies. We must go once a week. And the best part is knowing that we won't have to pay for Zachary until he is nine! Woop woop!

  6. Ok, that is like my pending vacation! Once I graduate from school, We are planning to drive up the coast all the way up to Washington. Now that I know that you have done it I suppose I have someone to go to for suggestions!

  7. How fun! It looks like all your planning before hand paid off! Glad Luke was great in the car. I would go insane with Carson bug. Loved the pics.

  8. I love pictires! You could post more if you want! Sounds like you all had a great time. Sorry Erik didn't catch any fish, I bet he was bummed. Luke is such a big boy now! (or a "happy boy")

  9. Your vacation looks like it was Soooo fun. You will look back with only the good memories! I'd love to see more pictures! Thanks for sharing the ones you did. I love and miss you and am glad you are back safely.

  10. I'm glad you guys had a great trip. Too bad you didn't go this weekend...we'll be in San Francisco!

  11. So yeah the pic of you driving through the tree looks like its from the 70s



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