Oh how I wish I had my video camera last night! If I would have remembered to bring it to Arizona, you would now be watching a beautifully edited montage of Kaci yelling at us while cooking the food for Caitlin's baby shower. This still photo will have to suffice.

Ever since Kaci returned home from the CIA, it's like we are her army for Goodrich special events. We kept saying, "Kaci, it's just a baby shower, not a wedding reception." 10 minutes before she arrived at the house she called me from her cell with a list of things I needed to have ready for her in the kitchen (celebrities call them their "riders"): hot griddle, cutting board with the knives placed at a 90 degree angle, etc. In this picture, she started yelling at me that if I put this photo on my blog she would literally sue me, and then she noticed Kelley wasn't whipping the cream right. In her defense, the food is really good and people loved it. I really feel like it made Caitlin's shower special. But, man, is it INTENSE!! When people arrived at the shower, Kelley whispered, "Kaci, people are in the house now." And suddenly Kaci screaming something like, "ARE YOU STUPID? DO NOT CUT IT THAT WAY!!" turned into, "Sweetheart, let me help you with that." Kaci, did I mention that I love you and feel privileged to work in your kitchen? It's just a little Jekyll and Hyde-ish, that's all.

We couldn't get the cat to stay off the serving dishes. We finally had to banish him to the 110 degree heat outside. I kept saying, "Make sure you wipe off those dishes before you put the food on them, just a thought." My mom said, "Stewart [the cat] thought it was his garden."

Filo dough cups filled with lemon curd and strawberries.

Cupcakes with edible flowers.

We did only finger foods. Lots of little sandwiches. Here's a sample of the ham, apple and arugula sandwich. All creations by the talented Kaci.

On the invitation I wrote (in a cute way) that she is having a boy and already has all the baby clothes she needs, yet, someone still gave her a little girl's outfit. When the woman who gave it to her walked in, she said to some other guests, "Has she gotten any other girl's clothes yet?" so maybe the joke is on us, because it is really funny to give someone who is having a boy, a dress?? I don't know. Caitlin was nice and said thanks. The woman said she got it at "Ross's" so she can take it back, but then we noticed that she left the plastic security tag on it like it's a stolen good (the tag is circled in green, for your convenience, on the picture.) At least Caitlin can take it back to "Ross's," she might get arrested if she does, but she can still take it back.

When everyone started going home, we took some fun modeling pictures with the fan.

Kelley, Kaci, me and Caitlin.


  1. haha!!! "hell's Kicthen". That was intense. I just couldn't understand why the lady had to call it ROSS'S- with an extra "S" is that like calling Target- "TarJay"? My favorite were the modeling pics of Caitlin. That was a fun shower!

  2. (cristin's mom) Kelley, I think that's like calling Target, "Target's." Kaci did an incredible job with the food,and I've never known it to be anything but intense and racing against the clock when she's in the kitchen. Must be how these chefs like to operate. You know, everything has to be just the right temperature, so it has to be done at the last minute.
    Some people stopped by with a gift, saying they weren't going to stay, but when they saw the food, they were there an hour. She even got some job offers for catering off of this one "gig."
    It was a very nice evening and she got many beautiful and useful things.

  3. Looks like a good time! Those strawberry things look good!

  4. My dream would be to go to culinary school...someday. I understand the "riders" and just laughed. The food does look delicious. I am still chuckling at the picture.

  5. How do you nicely say that she's having a boy and has all the clothes she needs? I needed that line. I refused a baby shower with my second kid for two reasons:
    #1 most of what I received at my daughter's shower were baby clothes (0-3 months, newborn, etc.) that I would never ever pick out on my own.
    #2 I didn't want to turn into one of those ladies who is having kid number 6 and is still having a shower for each kid.

  6. How nice to see all the Goodrich girls together again! Last time I saw you all was like 2000. It looks like a really nice shower...I want to try the edible flowers! As a side note, my sister got a girl's dress at her shower for her son too. Maybe it means that the child will be super awesome...I think.

  7. That food looks so good! Is your sister a chef?

  8. I am glad you are having fun in AZ. I am so sorry you had to go to Scottsdale FASHION mall, though. It is a punishment I would not wish on anyone...

  9. Hell's Kitchen is the perfect explination of our kitchen at home. When one is married to a chef it is best to stay out of the way when he is in "the zone". (That is when he is actually home from the restaurant!) I've learned from personal experience on that. Kaci looks very talented! Where is she working?

  10. Kim - Kaci decided that she hates working in restaurants (she had no social life, and she's single), so she is now going to Mesa Community College and working for a wealthy family as their (not live-in) nanny.

    Nancy - This is what I put on a little card on the announcement -

    "This little boy's dresser is already full, but there are plenty of things the new mommy-to-be and baby still need. For gift ideas, Caitlin is registered at Target and Babies R Us."

    It was great, she got no clothes (except the skirt outfit).

  11. It was so intense! My favorite part of it all is how kelley kept running in screaming."3 Minutes! Someone is on their way in 3 minutes!" and than as soon as a guest came you told me to throw off my apron and act like I hadn't been doing anything. It was such a great night! Thank you so much for planning a baby shower for me! It was fun to see everyone.



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