President James E. Faust
1920 -2007


  1. Thanks for posting that. I was thinking of doing the same thing...but I wasn't sure what to say. I really loved listening to him speak. He truly was a wonderful man and leader.

  2. We were at the temple this morning for Randy Porter's wedding. They had the flag flying at half mast and when we walked inside, before we could ask why, the brother at the front desk informed us of Pres. Faust's passing. Remember how I went on a date with John FAUST, Cristin. I laugh whenever I think about how you teased me about it. :-)

    Wonderful man of God...President Faust.

  3. I was sad to hear it...grateful for his many years of service.

  4. Tuesday was Pres. Faust's funeral, so I was thinking of him. I don't have too many up close and personal memories of too many general authorities, but I just wanted to share a great experience of being with Pres. Faust. He had a deep love for the Jerusalem Center and had a grand daughter in the program while I was there. He and Elder Holland and Elder Holland's wife came to Israel to visit while I was over there. They were so gracious and amazing to be around. Pres. Faust held a wonderful and personal fireside for the students and teachers that I will never forget. He also sang with his grand daughter the song "This is the Christ"--a song which he wrote. It is one of my favorites. I bet you didn't know Elder Faust had a great singing voice?? I'm grateful to have been around him a little while in Israel. A great man.



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