Last night I rented "Blades of Glory" from the Redbox. Erik got home while I was halfway through the movie and asked, "So, has Jon Heder done anything un-Mormon yet in this movie?" I said, "Yes, appearing in this movie." Honestly though, is Jon Heder a bad guy because he appears in a crude movie with lots of sexual innuendo? (It would be difficult to be an LDS celebrity with obscure blogs judging your every move as being in line with your religion or not.) If any mistake was made, it was that we expect more of certain actors because of how good and pure we perceive their personal lives to be. In reality, we have no clue what these people are really like.

I would like to think that I have grown out of putting celebrities on a pedestal. For example, in college I thought B-Rock from the Backstreet Boys was the greatest thing ever and clean enough to be a returned missionary. (Yes, I meant to write in college.) Lots of people think that Jon Heder's movies should be clean because he's LDS, but even School of Scoundrels has an unrated version. Even now I would totally be lying to you if I didn't say I wasn't disappointed when Anne Hathaway started doing "trashy" movies like Havoc and Brokeback Mountain. Or what the heck is with that picture of my nice, clean cut boy, Zac Efron, on the cover of Rolling Stone?
That is a really weird pose if you ask me. Why does he have his hand up his shirt? It makes me think of the time my friend, Steve Fenske, shaved his chest. I remember that he told me he couldn't stop putting his hand up his shirt to feel his smooth chest. Has Zac Efron just shaved his chest? Is Zac Efron old enough to have chest hair? (Wow, maybe I should just devote an entire blog entry to that picture because I obviously have a lot of questions.)

As for Blades of Glory, it was okay. If you are offended easily, don't watch it. You might think it is clean because Jon Heder is in it, but you are mistaken.

Even if we consciously try to not think of a certain celebrity as a good person, we do. You know you do it. It's like that time I thought Paris Hilton was the bomb and then she got arrested. Oh, snap! I was so mad!*

*That was a joke.


  1. I was totally disappointed when Anne Hathaway did Brokeback Mountain too, just because she was in the Other Side of Heaven. It's funny how we do that. I didn't see this movie and I don't think I will.

  2. I was one who saw Blades of Glory in the movie theater and I laughed til I cried. ofcourse there were some incredibly stupid parts in it, but I must admit- I really enjoyed it! sorry people.

  3. unrelated, but still something to say: here's an article for Erik.

  4. That's supposed to end with ".shtml" which I think means "really bad html."

  5. I was disappointed when we rented The Benchwarmers and at the end he says the not so nice word for derriere. I guess people don't want to be type-cast as always doing goody-goody rolls.



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