While I am recovering from our vacation, I thought I would drop this short little post about another way I recently discovered to make a little extra money from home. Google Business Referrals will pay you $10 for each local business that you can provide information about, i.e., hours of operations, pictures of the business, etc. I'm not sure if the money is worth the time yet, and I haven't had a chance to try it out. However, if you figure that you are out pushing the stroller around town anyway, why not spend the time you would be walking, going into businesses, getting some information, snapping a few pictures, and boom, one morning walk could merit you $100!


  1. Thanks again!! You are going to make us all rich! Expo is working out really well and this doesn't sound too hard. I think I will try it.

  2. well- I like this! thanks cristin- and to answer your questions about target shoes... I NEVER wear target shoes so i wouldn't know! (I'm a phony!)

  3. I tried to sign up for this and this is what I got:

    Thanks for applying to become a Google Business Referral Representative. Your application is now on our waiting list.

    Response to this program has been so positive that we now have enough representatives for our current needs.

    However, we hope to expand the program to more representatives soon. Please note that this program is only available in the United States. We'll keep your application on file. If we approve your application, we will contact you at a later date (at the email address we have on file for your Google Account).

    We appreciate your interest!

    - Google Local Business Referrals Team

    Oh well. And I'm really mad at Expo for changing their pay scale multiple times mid-month and screwing me over! :) Oh well. Better than nothing.



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