Sisters, sisters
There were never such devoted sisters,
Never had to have a chaperone, No sir,
I'm here to keep my eye on her

Caring, sharing
Every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress, and I stayed home

Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister
And Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man

I come from a family of all girls. The above picture is the four of us at my junior high graduation in 1991. From left to right - Caitlin, Kelley, Me, and Kaci. Every time I watch Pride and Prejudice, I compare my family to the Bennetts. Caitlin is Lydia, Kaci is Mary, Kelley is the sister that is Lydia's friend. Of course, in this fantasy, I am a wonderful combination of Jane and Elizabeth - who wouldn't want to be that? Sadly, this Jane/Elizabeth combo is a pretty long stretch for me. In the book, Jane is the most beautiful, but of all my sisters, I probably struggle the most with fashion and beauty.

Take for example this picture from 1991. I spent months looking for the perfect graduation dress and this is what I came up with. It's not a pretty dress now and it was equally ugly back in 1991. My mother, in an effort to save a little money, enthusiastically once suggested that all my sisters wear the same 8th grade graduation dress (mine). My sisters looked like they were going to throw up at the thought. (Speaking of vomit, that dress looks like someone threw up on it!)

I don't know when I became so fashion-challenged. (Maybe I was born this way?) When I went to visit Kelley last Spring she sat me down for a "talk". She told me to stop buying jeans at American Eagle and Gap, wear metallic flats and suggested I buy a purse that costs more than $10. I made excuses that I was still losing weight from the pregnancy and I don't have any money, before succumbing to her suggestions and plopping down $70 on a pair of Citizens jeans from Nordstroms Rack. I will admit, I really do like those jeans... but that's about as fashionable as I can get sometimes. Despite Kelley's fabulous fashion blog, I am very insecure when picking out what to wear most of the time

The reason I bring this whole thing up is because I am getting together with all my sisters for a week next month. I am preparing myself for the inevitable, "Cristin, have some dignity! Buy some shoes! Wear jewelery! Stop shopping at the Gap!" They will pluck my eyebrows for me, do my makeup, help me with my hair and show me how to dress. I look forward to this, but kind of dread it at the same time because I am the oldest and they are telling me what to do. So, maybe I am a little prideful like Elizabeth Bennett after all.


  1. Who is the sister that is Lydia's friend? I don't remember telling you to buy metallic flats... I remember picking out a pair of cute brown ones that only cost $10. And those citizens jeans will last you years and will look great for years.

    and I can't believe mom actually suggested we wear the same jr. high grad dress! but didn't we all wear the same baptism dress???? YUCK.

  2. Kitty, isn't it.

    You don't seem fashion challenged to me. But then maybe I am. My daughter's primary teachers are a married couple. I doubt the girl is over 20 and she's like the runway models you see and think "no one actually dresses like that, do they." It's a bit extreme. So don't go too far off the deep end.

  3. Thanks for making ME lydia. I don't think there is anything wrong with shopping at the gap. I just bought two shirts there today! You just have to be careful when shopping there. Yes, I am planning on waxing your eyebrows. I've been thinking about our trip alot too, I was actually thinking how unfashionable I will look compared to everyone else. Your really not that bad cristin. I'm sure that dress was really cool when you bought it.

  4. oh... and NOTHING is wrong with the gap. It's just Cristin was having problem's with her jeans and I told her it was because she bought cheap jeans from american eagle outfitters which is a store geared towards teenages. I am just really a strong believer that a pair of jeans is like buying a good pair of shoes. Something is wrong if you are buying jeans once a month (like Cristin was) yes, part of it was her size changing, but with a good pair even a little bit of size flux shouldn't matter.

    and no Cristin you are not that bad, and yes when I see you in AZ I will pluck your eyebrows for you :)

  5. I am totally in the same boat, although I think that you probably do a better job than I do. Not only is my sister super fashionable, but so is my mother. I hear it all the time! Some people have even told me that my mom dresses better than I do, and that I should try to be more like her. What I need to do is accessorize. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding/engagement ring!

  6. Okay...I love this little post. And I love that song. My aunt's sing it whenever we all get together.

  7. Nice dress. At least your mom didn't make you wear one of those detachable lace collars with every dress you own.

  8. I am preparing myself for the inevitable too. I know the bathroom is going to be a trashed out mess. I know all of the ice creame will be gone before I get any. I also know there's going to be a couple big fights between Kaci and Kelley over clothes. The truth is, I'm really looking forward to having all of you back home again. We're going to have a lot of fun.

  9. Were the Citizens on sale? $70 is a good price for them. I would go to Nordstrom in Provo and just try them on every couple months just wishing. For some reason I feel like I have a good fashion sense but not on myself. I can pick out stuff that's cute but it never looks good on me and I'm too cheap to actually buy the stuff that probably would.

    That is a definitely a great dress.

  10. I love that song!!!! I also have a dress similar to that, can't believe some of the things I wore, how dorky I was back then....sad... Good luck with the get together, just remember they do it because they love you.

  11. Didn't every girl have some dress similar to that style during those years. I know I did, and I thought it was cute then. Now, I think I looked like a pioneer dressed for th 90's when I look at the pictures

  12. It's sad that I don't know what Citizen jeans are! I love the GAP. Enjoy your makeover weekend, then come home and put on sweats!

  13. I *had* a dress like that! It was awesome. And my mom made a dorky detachable lace thing to snap into the front because she thought it was low cut. (She also made a lot of dorky detachable lace collars.)



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