I feel like I should write a little more about yesterday's explosion. I am not going to speculate as to why it occurred or about the future of the SpaceShip Two program. If you are interested in that there are plenty of websites and blogs devoted to Space Tourism. Some of you might be thinking this isn't a big deal, but for the past day it has been all we have been dealing with. We have received a lot of phone calls wondering if Erik is okay. I won't go into too much detail, but hopefully this will give a better idea to those that are interested of what is happening here.

A little background: As most of you know, Erik is an engineer at Scaled Composites. He works on the rocket team for SpaceShip Two. They run various tests all the time. Erik was videotaping this particular test. He thinks the only thing that saved him was that he felt like he needed to move back a bit to get a better shot.

According to Erik, he thinks he was probably the closest person to the explosion that didn't get hurt at all. This is such a miracle. He said that once the smoke cleared he started running to people, checking to see if they were breathing and trying to talk to people to keep them alive. He found one person dead and watched another die right in front of him.

I didn't realize how serious this whole thing was until Erik came home last night with a different shirt on and his pants were covered in blood. He had used his belt as a tourniquet and his shirt to apply pressure to another co-worker's wounds.

Today we went to the hospital to visit the injured employees. I was almost embarrassed to meet a critically injured employee's parents and say, "Yeah, my husband was a couple yards from your son and he's perfectly fine." Since I couldn't take Luke into the Intensive Care Unit, I chased him up and down the halls and chatted with family members and other employees. Note to self: The hospital is not a good place to take a toddler.

I don't know why I am so exhausted. It's not like Erik was physically hurt. I think it is just the thought that bad things can happen anywhere that keeps plaguing me. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I kept thinking about how different my evening would be if he had been standing in a different spot and what those who lost loved ones are feeling. I keep thinking about all the gore Erik had to experience and see yesterday.

One last thought, the news is ridiculous. I always knew this, but now it is confirmed. Although the explosion was a top story last night on all the local stations, it was immediately followed by Lindsey Lohan's 9-1-1 call. In some cases this story was preceded by the Lindsey Lohan story. It is a sad reflection of the United States when there is more interest on the news in stories of Lindsey, Britney and Paris than tragedies overseas and here. There are so many so-called "small" tragic stories that I hear about daily and I rarely think of all the people attached to those stories who are suffering. This has definitely given me a new perspective.


  1. I am glad to hear that Erik is physically well. I hope that he will be able to emotionally recover, having to be a part of that must have been emotionally exhausting. I am grateful every day when Kirk returns safely home from work and he is an auditor, explosions not likely. But he does brave the 101 and 405 every day!

  2. Oh my, I can't imagine going through and seeing what Erik did. Really, that's stuff no one should have to do - those poor families. Everyone's in our prayers.

  3. That was a nice post. I was wondering how he would be doing emotionally from seeing and experiencing that. That would be hard. I am sick of Britney, Paris, and L.Lo

  4. Just go's to show what kind of a guy Erik is. He doesn't hesitate to do what needs to be done.
    My RUSSIAN husband (inside joke) and I are very thankful that Erik was not hurt.

  5. (cristin's mom) No one goes to work in the morning who doesn't plan to be home for dinner. This tragedy really puts things in perspective, doesn't it? We love Erik and are so grateful that his life was preserved at this time.

  6. I got chills reading your post. It is almost as if you were telling us about a tragic movie, rather than something that actually happened to your husband at work one day. By the way, I didn't realize that Erik worked as an engineer...just always assumed he would have ended up as an Elvis impersonator. Happy to hear he is ok, and my prayers and thoughts to those who were hurt.

  7. Im so grateful erik is alright. I can't imagine what he went through being right there, those families who lost loved ones are in my prayers. I'm so sick of hearing about lindsays dui.

  8. I'm glad you're all okay. I know that when anything affects my husband, it still indirectly affects me; so, I understand where your emotional drainage is coming from. We'll pray for all of those families that weren't so lucky.

  9. Erik and Cristin, hope you are doing ok...we are praying for you and have said lots of prayers of gratitude already- now our prayers are directed that you'll both be able to find some peace. Sure love you!



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