Before I became I stay at home Mom, I worked in an office and fantasized about what my life would be like at home. This always included Mommy and Me classes, LOTS of them. In my fantasy world I would be attending at least one Mommy and Me class daily. Then, we moved to Tehachapi (population 6,780) and there are no Mommy and Me classes for Luke's age... except for the swimming "class" that I am currently enrolled in.

I hesitate to call it a class because we don't do anything. There is no instruction, games, format, curriculum... just free swim time. I called the Parks and Rec yesterday to complain and they offered me a refund. I declined to accept it because even if we aren't learning anything, at least Luke and I get to spend time with other kids and parents. I have realized that the Mommy and Me is probably more for the "Mommy" than the "Me" anyway. My Mommy and Me fantasies have been shattered, but that's okay. I will save the money on silly classes for our next child (if we live somewhere they are actually offered.) Good news though, complaining works. Today we learned some things and it looks like there will be some actual structure to the class from now on.

Here is Luke shivering after swim class. It's one of the few times he'll sit still.

Erik had today off, so he got to come with me. It was lots of fun, except that he said he felt like he was invading "sacred mommy private time" a little. There were 2 other dads though, so I don't know why he said that.


  1. You should just start your own We Work Out.I'm sure there are plenty other stay at home mom's just like you in tehachapi!

  2. You should start a Mommy and Me synchronized swimming group. That would be awesome!

  3. Luke is like Bruce Willis in "unbreakable" (which I watched yesterday). He can fall off high places and not break a bone, he has super human strength, but his weakness... is the water!

  4. That is a cute picture of you three. You look like a picture perfect famiy!

  5. I like his towel. I am glad that you still decide to go to the classes even though there is no instructor.

  6. That is a killer towel Luke has, where do I get one of those!!! I have always liked the idea of a Mommy and me yoga class.



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