No, I'm not talking about Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. Miss New Jersey posted a bunch of photos (I posted one of them above) of herself on Facebook (marked as private) and now someone is blackmailing her with them. She has appeared on the Today Show twice this week, once to cry about it, and again to disclose the photos.

This "scandal" is giving me the feeling that the New Jersey beauty queen community is seriously lacking in brainpower. (Leave it to the Trump Organization to find some real winners.) First, why was Miss New Jersey such a ding dong (when I use that word in this context I mean dummy, not my son's wee wee) and posted these stupid pictures of herself online for her family and friends to see if she was so embarrassed of them? Second, why do these mysterious people behind the blackmailing think they can use these dumb photos to get somewhere? Third, what do the people behind the blackmailing effort want anyway? Fourth, why is the Today Show treating this like a Monica Lewinsky type scandal?

It's like when Tonya Harding hired that guy to knock out Nancy Kerrigan... this whole New Jersey thing doesn't appear to be very well thought out. Too bad there isn't a job to help people with blackmailing attempts, I think I would be really good at it... you know, on a consultant basis.

The best part was that Miss New Jersey's excuse for these raunchy pictures is that "she is a theater major." Oh, okay! That explains everything!


  1. Soo right... Blackmail? I think its more like publicity she is looking for. You can see pictures just like these on any myspace page. There is no scandal here. I hate how she says, "we were just doing actor stuff"

  2. I'm with Kelley...those pictures are hardly scandalous! But...it has made me think of the pics I have posted. I mean, what if I go for the Miss-over-aged Utah crown and someone finds a picture of me with my arm around a boy???

    Actor stuff (nice grammar by the way), really???

  3. That's what all the fuss is about! I was thinking the pictures were some type of scandalous ones, like Antonella from last A.I. season.

  4. She's making me think that in order to be good looking, you have to be missing a brain in good working order. I'll take the brains over the looks!



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