Warning: This post contains excessive gushing.

Since we've had some really nice weather lately, I've been trying to go to the park more often. While there, I've noticed a trend that the majority of kids are with either a grandparent or caregiver. Even most of the mothers in my Mommy and Me swim class work full-time. It is increasingly more rare for a mother to stay at home with her children. Maybe it's because this is expensive California and it is difficult to make it on one income here, or maybe that's how it is everywhere. Either way, I feel very fortunate that I get to stay home to be a mom. It really is a privilege to be at home and definitely not the norm. We're not exactly the wealthiest people I know, so I really am grateful for a husband that thinks it is important for me to be a full-time mom.

I admit that sometimes I do think about what our lives would be like if I had continued working. We'd have a lot more in savings, go on fancy trips and maybe even own a house. But, then there are days like today where I just feel so happy that I get to be a stay-at-home mom. I wouldn't trade the fanciest trip around the world for the opportunity to be at home with Luke.

A few months after Luke was born, I went into my old office. A couple of my former co-workers (a few that had their own children in daycare) stood around saying, "So, you're like, uh, just home now? That's what you, uh, do?" I smiled, "Yup, that's what I do." Almost everyone I worked with assumed I would go back to work. That's how normal it is for mothers to work. I know I'll go back to work someday, but for now I wouldn't want to be any place else.

So, here's to my hard working husband who makes it all possible! I can honestly say that I love my job and it was definitely worth the wait.


  1. Yay for stay at home moms who love it!

  2. That's funny. I just gave a talk about motherhood and I touched on that subject.

  3. (cristin's mom) The only thing odder than a mother staying home with her kids is a mom staying home WITHOUT kids. I am fortunate too, that I am able to spend time doing something that I love. (genealogy). By the way, is it mere coincidence that the day after you blog how "gross" your husband is, your post today is a 180 degree difference?

  4. I feel the same way. I'm so happy that it's important to my husband that I be home with our children. I didn't think it was odd in Utah to be a stay at home mom, but every mother who works at bon losee has their child at day care. My instructors kind of acted like i was a freak for not going back to work.

  5. Yeah, it's the same here in Seattle. Actually I was just talking to a friend the other day saying how it's interesting that whenever I'm at the park w/my kids the other adults that are there watching kids are nannies about my age :), and they usually think I'm joking when I say that both the little ones are mine and that I get to stay home with them.

  6. My mother--a former full-time mom--once asked my wife--a current full-time mom: "But what do you DO all day?"

    My wife burst out laughing.

    Another time, a wage slave asked my wife "I'd go crazy without real conversation." Again my wife burst out laughing. She and I agree that the conversations we have with our children are generally more insightful and stimulating that what passes for "adult conversation."

    I ask my wife every now and again if she misses her former career (she was a consultant too); she says, "I can't even remember why I was working."

    Of course, she also expects that *I* work by butt off making sure that the family are provided for.. but, in her words: "What the hell else are you good for? You can't even pick up your socks!"



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