Let me preface this post with my first complaint: I hate complainers.

When I was in college, other students would complain that their Pell grant was so small. I'd think, "Wow, you got free money. I would love free money."

After I was married, there were pregnant girls at church that would sit in the back row moaning and groaning about how uncomfortable they were. They would grimace their faces in agony and loudly munch on their food during Fast Sunday. Many of these girls would say, "Oh, I hate being pregnant! I hate that I get pregnant so easily! Aghgh, what a curse!" I wanted to punch those girls. Do you know how many women would kill to be pregnant?

Then we moved into a little 600 square foot "bungalow" in overpriced Camarillo. The house was so little (and crammed full of our stuff) that in order to invite people over for dinner, we had to set up a card table in the front yard. One day at church I overheard another woman saying to her friend, "I'm sorry I haven't invited you over, part of our yard is torn up." I wanted to scream! This woman had a 2000 square foot house that could fit lots of people, and she was worried about a portion of her yard being torn up?!

I know, I know. I need to not be so judgmental. Especially when I complain all the time too. (Just ask Erik.)

My second complaint is that I am really, really, tired. Luke has way too much energy sometimes. He won't stop climbing everything. Today he pooped in the bathtub twice. I had trouble cooking lunch because he is now able to reach the front two burners on the stove top. He screamed non-stop during dinner and threw all his food off his tray.
I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and you can't even tell. I feel like a failure because he still doesn't sleep through the night. How do people have more than one kid? If I had twins I would die. For a moment, I wished I would faint so that someone would feel sorry for me and then I could just lay in bed and eat bon bons for the rest of the week.

(I know... be grateful I have a son that can climb, a bathtub for him to poop in, and a stove top
for him to try to touch.)

Erik asked me if I ever count down the hours till Luke's bedtime. Today I did and he went to sleep at 7 p.m.!


  1. I feel that way a lot, too. Tired. Although I have to hand it to you cause Luke sounds like he takes the cake in his mommy energy consumption. I really don't know how people have more than one kid. All I can say when people ask me if we're going to have another one soon (what kind of question is that anyways?) is maaayyybe talk to me next summer.

  2. Hi Cristin- I just wanted to say that it does seem interesting that Heavenly Father wanted to bless you with such an energetic first child. Its funny to me because Leyna is juuuust starting to get there. She got into the bathrooom trash for the first time yesterday, really gross. But really, I think all the time about what I'm going to do when we have a boy- it seems like every boy I know of goes a 100 miles an hour. Every time Larry hears about it he keeps telling me that he would be happy for a house full of girls. And then I remind him that a house full of girls would all be hormonal at the same time....anyways, the bright side is with Luke you get lots of exercise, and since you're dealing with a high maintenance kid, any other child you have after this will either be old hat, or a breeze! I honestly look up to you in a lot of ways and all that you do to be a good mom. Someday you'll get to laugh about it all at his wedding dinner. :) In the meantime, good luck, and when I have my own crazy little boy I'll know who to call first thing.

  3. Count down the hours until the kid goes to sleep?! When DON'T I do that?

  4. I think my kids are crazy. But compared to Luke they are little angels that play nicely all day. My kids make messes, but it's with their toys not garbage cans, etc. My kids have never tried to touch the stove. My daughters biggest problem is that she subconsciously still puts everything in her mouth- including marbles, and bunkbeds (yes, she's almost 5 and she "accidentally" bites her bunkbed she's only had for 6 months). Our son jumps off of everything onto us. And he makes me build massive train tracks everyday. And as soon as I finish one, he tells me it's weird and he doesn't like it and he needs a new one. Ahh. But this is all nothing compared to what I can only imagine your days are like. You seem like you're doing great though.

  5. After reading these other people's comments I no longer feel SO guilty about saying Luke makes me appreciate the fact I don't have kids. But I still envy you because I would LOVE to have a baby/child... but I don't and I probably wont for a long time.

    I think complaining is contagous.

  6. Life is hard and our trials are relative and custom made. So go for it! Complain away...and do try to be a little less judgmental of those you hear complaining, dear Cristin. :-) You have no idea what they're lives are really like.

  7. Have you read my blog? Half of it is story telling - the other half is complaining....you got to get things off your chest otherwise you'll explode. My first child was way harder than my second, that's why they are 3 1/2 years apart! It gets better and eventually we learn to outsmart them. P.S. My kids go to bed a 7pm every night, it took some work to get there...but at 7:01 Ben and I party!

  8. Aw... Cristin, I wish I could come feed you bonbons and watch Luke for you. By the way, I did get the video- it was fabulous. Ben loved it. I have a check in an envelope addressed to you that has been sitting in my purse for approximately 3 weeks now. However TODAY I am going to the post office and I will send it. Sorry I suck. The mailman at our apt. never takes outgoing mail, (Is he retarded?)so I always have to go out to the post office.

    Sorry you are tired. Really. I hate tired.

  9. It is all a matter of perspective, but no one expects you to be the stepford wife and be super happy all the time... so complaints are welcome. But if I could add to your list of things you hate people complaining about it would be this: The tv show "My Sweet 16" I HATE these types of people. All they do is complain because they don't get everything they want. I can rant about this for a long time, but I won't. I think you made my point for me.

  10. Honestly you crack me up! Luke has so much energy no wonder why you are so tired. I am tired just reading about it!



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