Luke's new favorite word is "poopies." We usually chant it while we are changing his diaper. This week has been an all time high for "poopies" in the bathtub. I have no problem changing dirty diapers, but I get very grossed out when it is in the bathtub.

When Luke is about ready to commit the crime he usually stands up in the bathtub like he is going to tell a joke, farts twice, and then kaboom - big mess. Last week, Erik came up with this foolproof plan to stop Luke from pooping in the bathtub: After Luke farts twice, we throw him on the toilet as quickly as possible. I tried this a few days ago and instead of sitting there, he tried to squeeze his little body inside the toilet. When I picked him up, there was poop all over his heel (and me, consequently).

I am seriously beginning to think that my kid is a genius because he keeps doing it in the same spot (the bathtub). Now only if we can take this association that Luke has between poop and the bathtub, and replace the bathtub with the toilet, that would be good stuff. I would have an amazing potty trained 13 month old! (I can dream, right?)


  1. And that is why I'm fine not having babies yet. ;-)

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  3. Bathtub pooping is seriously the worst. And it totally freaks my kid out. Does Luke get scared by it?

  4. Thanks for the heads up, now I know what to look forward to when I watch him!

  5. Maybe you just need to start hosing him down outside. Bath time is over.

  6. I thought baby bath farts were bad, until we had baby bath poops. They really are the sickest thing on earth.



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