For Flashback Friday I am writing about my first, of many, unrequited loves.

My first real crush ever was on Erik Lyslo in fifth grade. Nearly my entire Ramona Quimby diary is devoted to him. At one point, I even begin writing about him in this cyptic code that can only be deciphered by a paper I have buried somewhere in the backyard. Erik Lyslo was really cool. Since I was secretly in love with him, I went out of my way to be extra mean around him. I nicknamed him Er-Jerk and made fun of him behind his back. That's how you show love in fifth grade. I wish I had a picture of him, but he would never pose long enough for me to take one.

It wasn't just Erik Lyslo that didn't like me. No boys liked me. Not even the weird ones. One reason why no boys liked me: my fifth grade class picture. For comparison, here I am standing next to my normal sized best friend, Kathy Webb. As you can see, I am half her size! My nickname in elementary school was "Small Fry." I don't think it helped that I never brushed my hair either. Poor, poor Cristin. I wish I could travel back in time to help her with her hair and tell her everything will be okay.

My favorite Erik Lyslo story is when he actually spoke to me on the bus. I'll never forget the excitement I felt when he called me a butt face, saying something clever like, "Your face is like a butt, but with make-up on it!" That night I went home and happily wrote in my diary, "Erik Lyslo thought I was wearing makeup and I wasn't!"

Hmmm... notice how I forget to mention the whole "butt face" part of the conversation? That's me, always focusing on the positive!

This page was just a decoy to hide my true feelings.

P.S. After I wrote this I decided to do a google search on Erik Lyslo. He is a sportswriter living in Oregon with his wife. Doubt he would remember me, too bad.


  1. Jared Seegmiller...I would do "ride bys" on my bike. It was true love, I tell you. True love!

  2. I love this story. Its a classic. I'm so happy you have the journal pages!

  3. I LOVE that you focused on the positive, that was so funny! I wish I had a cool journal from when I was a kid, I have the worst memory.

  4. I loved reading your journal entries. Now I don't feel so silly for having mine.

  5. Oh my new e-friend!!! I just KNEW we were kindred spirits!! I am going to remember this clever post you just did and do one, too. ( I am not quite as clever; I just steal good ideas.) Anyway, Daniel Wilsford was mine...I do think I'll look him up.

  6. You've always had a thing for eriks



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