Ever since my brother-in-law, Christian, found $25 tickets from SLC to LAX, I have been obsessed with finding equally great travel deals. Yesterday, I got a ding offer from Southwest for $30 tickets from LAX to Columbus, Ohio. I got really excited, but then I was like, "Hmmm, what would I do in Columbus, and do I really want to fly with a baby again?" I also know some folks that flew to Central America for around $250 round trip. Then again, yes, great deal, but aren't some places down there kind of scary? Is it worth risking your life for a cheap plane ticket? I think it is.

We are planning a vacation for the week after Labor Day. We are leaning towards going to Brookings, Oregon to go fishing and see my grandparents if we can get a campsite and if my grandparents will be there. Also, do I really want to camp with Luke? I keep hesitating to make a campsite reservation because I am waiting for some crazy travel deal to fall from the sky and then that will dictate where we go... especially since our budget is like maybe $300. Hmmm, what to do and where to go...

My favorite travel sites are:

Southwest Ding Offers (Home of the $25 tickets)
Kayak (Compares almost all airlines for you.)
Travel Zoo Top 20 Offers (Great deals, but they sell out fast!)


  1. While you're at it, can you find me and Ben a vacation too? We have a slim budget and we have a week free in November... I need to sign up for Dings.

  2. Hey, you could go see Jake's dad in Columbus. Whoo hoo! But do it at your own risk.

  3. I live in Columbus! Let me just tell you about a few of the wonderful things to do here - COSI, the Columbus Zoo, buckeye games, and visiting me, of course. We're two hours from Kirtland, Ohio. We're also two hours from King's Island and Cedar Point. Don't underestimate Columbus, Ohio. :)

    Why can't I find these great deals? I'm flying to Boise, Idaho this summer to visit family, and in order to get an ok deal on tickets I'm arriving at 1:00 a.m...with both boys...by myself. I have lost my mind.

  4. Sign me up for the Cristin Travel Agency notifications for cheap flights from Kansas to LAX. Thanks. :)

    Right before I got married I found flights from LAX to SLC for I think it was $50/each way. I thought that was the best deal possible. Way to go Christian.



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