I know this isn't the most pleasant topic to discuss, but I wanted to mention that MSN ran an interesting article today on the decline of circumcisions, mainly in the West. In California, the rate of hospital circumcisions among newborns dropped to 21% in 2004. Wow, only 21%! You wouldn't of known it by the weird look the nurses at the hospital gave me when I told them I wouldn't be circumcising my son. (Whew, good thing Luke can't read my blog or he would be totally embarrassed right now. Heh heh heh.)


  1. If you believe there is a place for "alternative bris" practices within Judaism, please stand up and be counted for it, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE:

    A petition, directed to the leadership of the Union for Reform Judaism and its rabbinic association, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, has been organized to seek the acceptance of alternative Brit Milah (Bris) practices.

    Reform Judaism, progressive in many other ways, has yet to re-evaluate this practice, in spite of clearly compelling evidence of its medical and ethical shortcomings.

    While the leadership of the URJ and CCAR are autonomous, participants seek to send the message that these shortcomings make the practice inconsistent with American Reform Judaism themes, which include human rights and social justice.

    The petition may be read and joined electronically at: http://petition.nomorebris.org

  2. One of my guy friends didn't get circumcised as an infant and they ended up having to do it to him when he was 8 years old! I'm not sure on all the details as to why, but he sure remembers it and of course is insistent upon making his boys be circumcised when they're infants. I was thinking about not circumcising Charles(but in the end we did)...the only thing I could find a negative physical side affect of not being circumcised was that it's harder to clean or take care of and so sometimes an infection can build up if they don't clean it well. But the nurses said, if you teach them how to do it right and they follow then there shouldn't really be a problem.

  3. umm thanks Twolfe for the comment... was that a copy and paste or was it written out of pure inspiration from Cristin's blog?

    I won't be snipping any of my sons. Like I told Cristin a while back "there wives will thank me for that descision later"

  4. I guess I'm on a different side of the situation. I really debated whether or not to circumcise Jackson, and I asked my doctor brother his opinion. Differing from the nurses at the hospital who were adamant that I didn't need to, my brother didn't even hesitate in his answer. He told me about having to circumcise a 13-year old boy who was being ridiculed in the locker room. That sealed the deal for me. I believe it's a personal choice, but I know that no matter what choice you make you should be prepared to explain it to your son if he asks (that goes for me, too).

  5. Hi Kelly -- you caught me -- that was a cut and paste. I am a real person though -- recent father -- that's trying to make a difference to educate others on the shortcomings of circumcision, especially as it is a custom within Judaism.

    Best-- Tom



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