Some people's homes just have this smell and that is their smell. You know what I'm talking about. Sometimes it is a real yummy smell and sometimes it is very stinky. Each particular family has no clue about their smell because when you are living in it, you get so used to it that you can't smell it. As Erik likes to say, "Everyone likes their own brand." Your visitors, however, notice it in a heartbeat, but are always too polite to say anything.

I stopped using the diaper genie. The refills were a pain to buy, especially when I figured that I
could save the $5 and just walk outside once a day to dump Luke's trash into the big outside trash can. But alas, I am human and in reality have been letting the dirty diapers linger and build up in the trash for a few days before dumping them outside. This morning I returned home from my walk and this huge poop smell overpowered me. Wow, is that what visitors to my home experience? Have I not noticed this before because I am living in it? Sadly, the answers are probably yes and yes.

Whoo wee, time to light a candle and get some Febreze!


  1. Someone told my sister that she should just use ziplocks. They are cheaper overall (granted, she never purchased a diaper genie) and you can leave the diapers in them for days and...no smell. So, next to each of her changing tables (first baby and she's in her thirties, so they have a couple), is a box of ziplocks. Quite handy!

    And please don't have one of those homes with the dirty kid stench... You know what I'm talking about.

  2. I can sympathize with "the smell". We decided we didn't want to spend the money on a Genie. Joe didn't think that kids could really poop that much to justify buying one. Guess again my sweet husband! Our many daily trips to the trash outside are great exercise!

  3. We don't do the diaper genie thing either. We tried one for awhile but it was a pain and whenever I got a whiff on the inside of the thing it would make me want to throw up. I just put the rancid diaper in a plastic grocery bag, tie it in a knot and then stick it on the front door handle (sometimes inside sometimes outside the house depending on how bad it is) and then whoever leaves the house to go somewhere takes it out to the trash can.



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