Sometimes morbid obesity makes for great television! Last night we discovered Shaq's Big Challenge on ABC. The whole premise of the show is Shaquille O'Neal helping fat kids lose weight. These kids are more than a little overweight too. In the first episode, the poor shirtless boys had to take a treadmill test which allowed everyone in America to see their "man boobies." (I felt really bad for Walter, the 14 year old 285 lb. video game addict who eats "pizza burritos.") At the end of the tests, the doctor deemed them morbidly obese. It was very sad. Shaq said he was dedicated to helping these kids and then left them alone in a room full of yoga balls and treadmills. Shaq was so motivating that about 45 minutes into it, Erik got up and went running for the first time in months.

Another good show about childhood obesity is "Honey, We're Killing the Kids!" on TLC. What's good about this one is that they do this age progression thing at the beginning of each episode to show the parents what their children will look like if they continue their destructive eating habits. 9 times out of 10 the 6 year old evolves into this 400 lb. 40 year old man with a goatee and mullet. Then the host turns to the parents and says dramatically, "You're (pause) killing (pause) your kids!" The parents sob and vow to change the way they feed their children. It is all very touching. I'm just never sure if they are crying about teaching their kids poor eating habits or the mullet.

I used to think these parents were crazy for feeding their children so lousy, but I'm beginning to see how it happens. Kids are picky eaters. Luke likes very strange things and it is easy to rationalize, "Well, it's chocolate milk, but at least he's drinking milk" or as I said yesterday when I went to In-n-Out for lunch, "French fries are vegetables, yeah."

Not that Luke is even close to this, but please, someone promise me they will do an intervention if I ever show up with my 200 lb. 3 year old on a daytime talk show.


  1. Okay, I just made a batch of oatmeal cookies and was about to devour the entire sheet (justifing from the fact they are OATMEAL) when I read your blog. Now I am eating carrot sticks and doing my buns workout. Thank you for saving my life.

  2. I didn't see the show, but two of my coworkers and I were discussing it this morning. It is seriously so sad...and these are habits that these kids will have for the rest of their lives and if they don't change them, they will end up on another show I love to watch (or at least get sucked into because I am in sheer disbelief watching it), Big Medicine.

  3. Oh, and I promise to do an intervention.

  4. After the doctor at Grace's 18-month checkup left the comment "poor weight gain/failure to thrive" we've been trying to feed her fatty stuff and junk food. She won't touch that either (thankfully).

  5. I just love reading your blogs. You are just such a witty writer! Thanks for the posting on my blog. I looked for your email but couldn't find it. Would love to email you sometime. lexnchel@aol.com



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