We saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 over the weekend. Please, I beg, no more Pirates movies. You are slowly and painfully killing what used to be an entertaining franchise.


I read on IMDB that they started shooting Pirates 3 before the end was written. Oh, really? Remind me not to ever do that when I make my little movies or you will end up with a really long movie that is all over the place. I was so confused. I kept looking at my watch. I lost focus. I would lean over to Erik and say stuff like, "Hey, we need to remember to feed Ditte's rabbits tonight."

2 hours and 45 minutes is too long for a confusing movie. The only movies that should be allowed to be that long are the Sound of Music, Gone with the Wind and the 3rd Lord of the Rings. I thought at the beginning it would be good, but then it just went on and on and on. I didn't find the multiple Jack Sparrow "dream sequences" enjoyable and I was mad that Orlando Bloom took Davy Jones' job. Keira Knightley sure ages well though (referring to the last scene). Having loved the first movie (and the Disneyland ride), I will just focus on that, and try to pretend that Pirates 3 never happened.


  1. This weekend Vak and I watched Spiderman 3. It was okay, but also REALLY long. They definitly could have made it much better by just tweaking a little things in the story line. I have NO DESIRE what-so-ever to watch Pirates 3 after I heard it was almost 3 hours long.

  2. Yes i totally agree. I was doing the same thing. Taking of ever opportunity to use the restroom or voluntaring to refill the popcorn. Wow no one wonder the movie's ending sucked.



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