CBS recently announced that the reality show “Kid Nation” has been added to their 2007 Fall Lineup. The show, which is described as a cross between The Lord of the Flies and Survivor, drops forty 8-to-15-year-olds off in a deserted mining town and forces them to create their own society from scratch in forty days, without any adult supervision. No, wait, it gets better. We're supposed to be supportive of this because at the end of each episode one lucky child will be awarded a $20,000 gold star to use towards a college education. I’m guessing that "Kid Nation" was inspired by another television show for stupid parents, the BBC series “Baby Borrowers.” In this bizarre show, fame hungry parents handed over their babies to teenagers for three days to learn what parenting is really like. I’m sure that went over really well.

What kind of parent allows their 8 year old on the set of a reality show with no adult supervision, dependable food source, or reliable lodging for forty days? Would any amount of money or fame tempt you to do this to your own children? Just imagine the waiver those parents had to sign! You think Britney Spears is a bad parent? At least Britney (or one of her people) thought to hire adult supervision for her kids.

About five years ago, Jamie Kennedy did this "experiment" on his show with crazy parents vying for a chance to put their children on a reality show called "Child Island." Here is that prophetic clip. Crazy.


  1. I just watched the clip for the real show and I am not going to lie- I will so watch this show. will you let a 12 year old babysit for you? well they have lots of 12,13,14 and 15 year olds. they do have food for them and they are in A TOWN. they have a host that tells them what to do. and the kids can leave whenever they want to. 8 is a little young- I think they should be atleast 10 or even 12. but it is like summer camp for these kids. I think I like it because it was my dream as a little kid to have my own town and make my own rules! This is the ultimate experiement. I just wonder if at any point adults will interveen if things get out of control. but all the kid has to say is "get me out of here!" and they can go home.

  2. Ok,This is ridiculous, what human being would actually leave children unattended. It doesn't happen. Having seen a reality show in production, I happen to know that the producers guide and direct EVERYTHING!!!! They only try to make it seem like it is reality. Those kids will have more adults around them than they do at home, but we won't see them.

  3. Wow, that is crazy. I would give my child up if they were anything like Tyler. No, but really it does sound like the spoof from Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

  4. I've seen that JKX episode and thought of it as soon as I started reading this. The parents on that skit get jacked so bad. I can't believe there's actually going to be a show somewhat along those lines!

  5. I totally agree with kelley. I am a 44 year old father of 4, and I think this show is a fantastic idea. What a way to teach kids responsibility, generosity, caring, as well as management skills and the democratic process.

    And who says they're unsupervised? There are adults all over the set. If something terrible happens, they will step in. The host will also guide them along by way of subtle suggestions.

    Besides, any kid who wants to can go home. no questions asked.

    I trust my kids to make the right decisions. I trust them every day. I am confident that I have been a good enough role model for them to be able to make good decisions.

    Any parent that doesn't think this would be a good experience for their child is either very controlling, or very negligent. And I hope I never become either.



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