These pictures are from two weeks ago, but my mother-in-law only sent them to me today. I like going to the beach, but ever since Luke was born it has been quite the ordeal carrying everything out to the sand, keeping him from eating the sand, making sure he doesn't get sunburned, nursing a baby with a mouthful of sand isn't pleasant... you get the picture, not so fun. Well, the last time we went to the beach it was fantastic. Yes, Luke still ate a little sand, but he was able to play in it and entertain himself somewhat. It made me want to go to the beach everyday if I could!

Luke with his cousins, Isaac and Leyna, playing in a tub of freezing cold ocean water.

Luke is shivering in this picture. The water was freezing, but he wanted to keep playing in it anyway.

Here is Luke being buried in the sand. You can't tell from this picture, but he was really enjoying it, I promise.

In our entire marriage, this is the first time I actually ever saw Erik surfing close enough to realize it was him. I was like, "Oh, so you do know how to surf!"


  1. Thats funny- Luke looks as big as Isaac! Make more videos!

  2. Wow, Erik - you're hardcore. That wave you took was crazy!

  3. That sure is a big wave Erik is surfing. Scary!!

  4. Cristen, I love to read your blog. Happy Birthday, Luke. The year went by so fast. Aunt Gaylen

  5. When you live far from the beach, you go surfing when you are there... no matter what. The waves were pathetic, I didn't have my wetsuit, and I was using my Dads board, but even still, its way better then a day at work. A true surfer can catch any wave and beleive it or not, riding the small stuff is actually harder then the bigger stuff (not as fun though)Thanks Danica Bananica!(jerk :oP)

  6. That looks like so much fun! I really enjoyed the pictures!



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