Here is a summary of our conversation from this afternoon:

Erik: "Hey, is it Father's Day today?"

Me: Oh yeah, it is. Sorry, I forgot to do something. You should call your dad.
(I was around the corner and he couldn't see my face. I was laughing so hard as quietly as I could.)

Erik: Did you call yours?

Me: I called him this morning while you were at your meeting. Wow, I guess Fathers Day really isn't a big deal here, there wasn't any mention of it at church. Sorry, I didn't do anything. I'll make it up to you, I promise.

Erik: Wow, I can't believe you forgot to do something! (Calling his dad.) Hi Dad, Happy Fathers Day!

Me: (Screaming) It's next week! HA HA HA HA HA!!! I GOT YOU!

Okay, so now that I have written this whole thing out, I sound really mean. I meant to be funny and playing tricks on your spouse is always funny. There was the one time Erik went into the bathroom and poured a pitcher of water into the toilet really slowly. I thought something was wrong with him because I heard him going to the bathroom so much, for so long. Ha ha ha, joke was on me. Or like the time I lied and told him I was pregnant and had him believing it for like five months... just kidding, I never did that. That would be awful, can you imagine how mean that would be?


  1. Okay, when we were at a relative's house recently, they told us about a friend they had who did the whole pregnancy thing. And let it drag on forever. And her husband was having a really hard time with it because they had a bunch of kids and thought they were done. She just watched him struggle through it forever before she finally broke the news to him that she's had a pregnant friend pee on the stick for her. How harsh is that?

  2. This lady also played soccer with her kids and pretended to take a hit in the eye and she dropped one of those candy eyeballs on the ground and started yelling for her kids to call 911 and she kicked the eyeball around while she was "looking" for it and then she found it and told them she was going to keep it warm in her mouth and then she ate it and her kids were totally freaked out.
    However, the weirdest person my sister knows is this guy who plays this game called "Save the Baby," where he throws anything he can reach at the baby and his wife has to jump in the way to stop it before it hits the kid. He'll just say, "Save the baby," and chuck whatever is in his hand. One time he did it at the church with a basketball and she didn't react because she thought he wouldn't really do it in public, so he totally tagged his kid in the head with a basketball.

  3. That is hilarious and totally something I would do to Josh! Actually, it would probably be more like him doing it to me because I never remember anything.

  4. That's funny because I thought it was Father's Day today until Larry's sister corrected me on Friday and clued me in that it's on the 17th. I had already sent my dad his present via e-mail and set out Lar's presents to be ready to open (and had stressed about getting them in time) all for nought. oh well, Erik and i must be related because I think that SJP kinda looks like a man too!

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  6. Okay, so that is the best joke ever!! Matt and I try to play jokes, but we're the worst at lying. If I could make Matt call his parents like that -- I would. I bow in your presence, Cristin -- that is, if you were here.

  7. Cristin, I am so sad we were never companions. I think it would have been quite fun (don't believe the stories you heard about me).

  8. Chloe - What stories? I only heard really good things about you, no joke!

  9. Okay, I don't know if you'll even read this comment since the post is kind of old, but I had to comment (I'm bored and reading older blog entries today... pathetic, I know). But when Nate and I were first married, I bought a baby name book. No idea why, but I did. So Nate thought it would be funny to take it to his parents house and pretend that I was pregnant. I thought it was mean, but didn't say anything as he carried the book inside and put it down in front of his mom. She got so excited and gave him a big hug. He then told her that he was kidding. Can you believe it?! So cruel. But your joke was really funny. :-)



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