First of all, Luke had his 12 month appointment on Friday. Official stats are length: 31.5 inches, weight: 21.5 lbs, and SIXTEEN TEETH! He is still long and lean, but as the doctor pointed out, his body is starting to "normalize" a bit.

Then, Luke turned one today!! I know it is a cliche to say this, but it really does only seem like yesterday that we were rushing to the hospital and I was focusing on license plates to get through each contraction. What a relief that after all the planning, his party went smoothly and I think everyone had a fun time! Here are a few photos of the big event:

We rented a banquet hall at a hotel in Oxnard, mainly to accommodate all the Lassens. I got a great deal that included catering, so I was really pleased. I decided to go with balloons instead of flowers to save a little money.

Here is our D.J., Steve. He came highly recommended and was worth every penny of the $600 he cost for the 2 hour gig.

Alright, ha ha, just kidding. Like I would really rent a banquet hall and hire a d.j. for a party for a one year old! I think it is NUTS how people go all crazy when the child doesn't even know what is going on. Here's what really happened:

Erik's former mission companion gave us a traditional Korean outfit that is worn on the child's first birthday.

In Korea, there is a tradition that on the child's first birthday you place a bunch of objects on the table that symbolize different things. Whichever three objects they choose dictate their future. Luke picked strawberries, money and a bow and arrow. This means he will be a rich warrior with lots of children. Erik was sad he didn't pick the light saber so that he could be a Jedi Knight.

Here I am protecting Luke from burning his hand on the candle. He got really excited when he saw the candle and wanted to grab it.

Luke loves cupcakes!

Luke got cupcake EVERYWHERE, even on the bottom of his thigh. Erik swears its frosting he's licking off. Uh-huh. Sure it is.


  1. That was the tastiest dirty diper I have licked to date.... much better then the usual.

  2. Thats so cute! How much frostting did you you put on that cupcake? looks like a whole container!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUKE! I really did remember it was his birthday. Sadly I was doing facial all day long. And than I almost called at like 9 o' clock but then realized he probably would be in bed, and would throw the phone anyways. Omg! But when I started reading your blog I really did believe you rented that room and had catering, with a dj! I was thinking what the heck! Luke is so cute! I can't wait to see you guys!Happy Father's Day to Erik!

  4. cute! I almost thought you were serious about renting out the hotel for his birthday, and you just didnt want to tell me over the phone because you were embarrassed. yeah that was pretty gross what erik was doing, even f it really was only frosting.

  5. I have to admit when I first looked at your blog I thought you were nuts for spending all that money on a catered party at a hotel with a DJ for your one-year-olds birthday party! Ha ha funny joke! Happy Birthday Luke!

  6. That's the best bday party ever. Luke would clobber Carson! What's it like to have a normal sized kid?



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