Luke started it.

We were eating dinner tonight when Luke started throwing his food at Erik. It went downhill from there. Please don't think I condone food fights, I just have to pick my battles sometimes. Right now we are working on "passing gas" at the dinner table. As soon as Erik learns to leave the dinner table and go into the backyard when he has to, you know, "cut the cheese," then I will address more pressing matters like Luke and Erik throwing food at each other. My sister Kelley told me once that it was making her sick to watch Luke eat. So, if you get queasy easily, consider this your warning.


  1. There is something wrong with your husband. I am so happy that we are not related.

  2. What a cute laugh, Luke! Cristin, I'm sorry that your husband is creating bad habits in your son. (You know, cutting the cheese and then throwing the cheese is just, well, wow!) Although, the whole thing was really quite entertaining.

  3. The time I felt sick was when Luke was eating soggy crackers and he also had a really bad runny nose and the crackers were soggy due to his snot!

    Can't wait til Erik teaches Luke how to burp!

    ...but the video is really cute and luke does have an adorable laugh!

  4. when I said "burp"... I meant BELCH



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