Let me introduce you to my new hobby:

I discovered the link for Expo TV on Dan Chan's website about a month ago. This is how it works: Make a one minute video opinion and they pay you $5 for each one. Right now they will allow you to upload a maximum of 100 a month. Now let's say you and your husband each do 100, that's $1000 extra a month.... not enough to live off of, but still a good chunk of money. The video opinions can be super lame (most are, including mine), but who cares because you get the $5 anyway! Here are the main requirements:

1. You must say your first name.
2. You must review any product that is sold nationally.
3. You must show your face sometime in the video.
4. It must be at least one minute long.

I figured if I break it down into a system, I could really start churning these video opinions out. What a great way for housewives and students to earn a little extra money when they are home. The only problem is that it takes a long time (almost a month) for your video opinions to be approved and on the website... but they do pay you eventually and I have $15 already to prove it!


  1. Now, if I just had money for a video camera. Those things we don't own when we don't have children. Sad, sad, sad! So, how many videos would I need to make to break even?

  2. If I would of known about this earlier, I wouldn't of gone back to work. I wonder if my digital camera in movie mode will do the job.



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