Not like our lives aren't already busy enough. When I'm not running after a toddler and cranking out Expo TV videos galore, I love looking for ways to save and earn money. Regardless of your situation, extra money is always nice. Here are some more fun ideas I just discovered that you can do from home:

Get Paid to Write: I discovered this today and don't see it as a huge money maker, but hey, you're already writing on your blog. Why not cut and paste your posts at Helium.com and generate a little income while you're at it?

Get Paid to Do Family History: Researchers at Monson Genealogy, an upcoming web-based genealogy research firm, are looking for subcontractors to do genealogy research part-time at home. Set your own hours and only sign up for jobs you feel qualified to research. Salary negotiable. If you are interested, submit your resumé, salary requirements, and references to monsongenealogy@gmail.com.

Get Paid to Blog: Babycenter is looking to expand their site content with paid bloggers! They want to hire folks who will blog from home about lots of topics, including adoption, infertility, celebrities, fashion, television, single parenting and movies. Here is the link. (I know it says the opportunity has expired, but I think they are still taking applications anyway.)


  1. other ways to earn money- call up your bank/phone/cable whoever and threaten to cancel. they will usually give you a credit of some sort on your bill! You can also just ask if they have any "customer appreciation/loyalty" specials.

  2. I was intrigued by the Helium.com writing thing. I found this article that sort of describes it. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/100590/heliumcom_is_the_paidtowrite_freelance.html

  3. sorry, here's the rest of that website:


  4. If you review books on www.alibris.com, you are entered into a contest to win $100 in books from alibris. Five winners are chosen each month. Depending on how many people know, probably not great odds. But as much money as we spend on books, $100 of free books would be nice.



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