Last night we rented Breach from the Redbox. We both really liked it. It seemed realistic and I loved how drab the FBI offices looked. The acting was great. Chris Cooper really creeped me out and Ryan Phillipe was excellent. I would definitely recommend it.

I am starting to regain faith in movies again. For awhile it seemed like all movies were lousy (Pirates 3 and Shrek 3 especially). Then we saw The Illusionist, Flags of our Fathers and now Breach... I feel like we are on a good movie streak. After watching the interview with Princes William and Harry, I'm planning on renting "The Queen" next. Really, why waste time on lame movies in the theatre when you can pay $1 for really good ones in your own home? The exception: I will be seeing Ratatouille next weekend in the theatre. Pixar never goes wrong.


  1. Vak and I watched "Breach" a few weeks ago. I liked it to- I think it helps when things are based on a true story. Last night Vak and I saw Ocean's 13. It was entertaining- kind of a little out there and I missed Julia Roberts, but it did the triology justice.

  2. I just watched that this weekend and I really liked it, too. I'm a fan of Ryan Phillipe...as an actor.

  3. We watched that last night too from the red box. We really liked it as well. I thought Ryan Philippe was good and Chris Cooper had a lot of makeup on.

  4. Breach was an excellent movie. It was fun for me to watch because we live close to where Robert Hanssen lived and recognized the parks he made drops at. I always get excited when I see places in movies that I've been to or live by.



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