It's just cleaner and easier to let Luke run around in a diaper these days. Mostly because I am in major denial that he is getting bigger. I realized this the other day as I tried to squeeze him into a 3 month old sized onesie and pants set. The onesie was so tight that it pulled down far enough to expose the top of his chest and the pants looked like shorts. Luke is running out of clothes. You might think it is my fault because it is my responsibility to buy them for him. Nope, I blame it on my baby shower.

Let's make a deal folks. No more 0-3 month clothes as baby shower gifts, agreed? There are of course exceptions to this rule, but you know what those are and they don't need to be discussed. I have been guilty of this. I'm afraid that before I had a baby I was one of those people who gave a newborn bathing suit just because it was super cute. I felt this sense of pride at baby showers as everyone oohed and ahhed about how cute it was, but seriously, what 2 week old is going to be swimming? Could I be anymore wasteful?

I do not want to sound ungrateful, I was given a lot of baby clothes before Luke was born and it helped us out tremendously. So many, in fact, that I would play "Fashion Show" with him, i.e., trying 8-9 outfits at a time on him just for the heck of it. That takes real dedication because squeezing those itsy bitsy holes over a big baby head is not my definition of fun. Another bonus, I didn't have to do baby laundry for almost two months. (I'm not kidding, there were THAT MANY 0-3 month clothes!)

His dresser is stock full, but it is only an illusion. His drawers consist of three layers:

1. The Messy Bottom Layer - 3 - 6 month clothes that are way too small, but I am too lazy to put in boxes.

2. The Middle Layer - Clothes that fit, but have tears or stains. I don't want to put him in these clothes because they look white trash.

3. The Thin Top Layer - These clothes he can wear. They are folded neatly on the top - giving the impression that his drawers are organized even though they are messy underneath.

Adding to the problem is how many clothes he goes through in a day. Real example:

8:00 a.m. - Wakes up. Pooped all over. Change clothes.
10:00 a.m. - Opened the glass door while the shower was going and got soaking wet. Change clothes.
12:00 p.m. - He took off his bib during breakfast and made a mess. Change clothes.
2:00 p.m. - Went to the park and fell in the mud. Change clothes.
6:00 p.m. - Oops, forgot he likes to remove his bib during dinner. Huge mess. Change clothes.

Since it is so typical to change a kid's clothes several times a day, I wonder when someone is going to wake up and invent some sort of wipe down indestructible clothing that will hold up to blow outs, sticky spills, and unexpected falls in the mud. Maybe a cross between gore-tex and plastic would work?

Gotta run, time to go clothes shopping.


  1. I can't view the photo. my computer says it contains explicit info.

  2. Cristin, Ben always is joking around about how I am going to have triplet boys just like Luke. Oh my gosh. How I am ever going to have sleep/energy/enough clothes??? AAAAAAH.

  3. I totally agree with the baby shower thing. I always made fun of my mom for buying size 2T gifts for baby showers. But now, it seems pretty logical and I find myself buying size 18 months for people. And they hold it up at baby showers and look at it like "this lady is crazy, my baby's never going to be this big.'

  4. I am soooo raising my babies in diapers and onesies!!! It is all about naked time too. I will keep your baby shower gift comment in the back of my mind next time I go to one... then again, I usually don't give clothes. It kindo f bothers me when a baby shower is all about the clothes... don't new parents need other things too?



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