Sometimes I feel like the biggest dork in social situations. Something will happen and I revert to insecure teenage girl awkwardness. For example, I got this weird phone message today:

"Hi, this is Sharon Jones* from the Golden Hills Ward. I'm sure you've heard about the baby shower for Suzie Smith*! We'd love for you to help with the food.
Please call me so I can let you know what to bring."

Here's the dealio: I hadn't heard about the baby shower and I don't think I've said more than 2 words in my entire life to the person who's having the baby. My first instinct was to ignore the message and not call back, but now I'm thinking that's rude. I would actually really like to be friends with the person having the baby, I just don't know her and I didn't receive an invitation to her shower. Maybe it's a mistake? Ahghgh, what should I do?

Let's hope none of these people read my blog.

UPDATE (if anyone cares): I decided not to make "Sharon Jones" feel bad because I hadn't received an invitation, so I didn't call her back. It didn't matter though because she called me again this morning. She said, "I'm sure you've received an invitation," and I said, "I'm sorry, I haven't heard anything about it." I think "Sharon Jones" still felt pretty stupid. Oh well, I can't help that. She told me when it is and we're going to be out of town. So, that solves that problem. I have decided though that I'll probably give that girl a gift anyway. I was thinking about what LeMira said and gifts are great, whether you know the giver or not.

*Names have been changed.


  1. You should call back Sharon Jones and just tell her that you hadn't heard about the shower, but that you would be happy to do something to help (assuming you would be...if not, well, then I say just ignore it). And I totally know what you mean about the teenage girl thing. It sucks!

  2. Yeah- make sharon jones feel awkward! make her feel like, "hey maybe I should check and see whose invited before I go around soliticing for help!".

  3. I agree with all of the above messages. I put in money for a baby gift for a girl I don't know at all, but everyone else in my circle does. I felt sort of awkward when her thank you note came because I'd actually been unable to go to her shower and never had actually spoken to her. But then she started coming to the book club I started so now I sort of know her.

  4. They know you because they're probably reading your blog.

  5. My advice is think how grateful you'd be to have people at YOUR shower. I remember my list of invitees was much shorter than showed up at my shower. The person in charge decided to invite about everyone in the ward. I felt bad, but at the same time I felt very supported and loved that so many people showed up.

  6. I just recieved an invitation to a briday shower for someone in my ward who I hardly know. I am still trying to decide whether or not I am going to go. I was initially going to ignore the invitation, we shall see.

  7. (Cristin's Mom) I'm a big fan of using the Church Handbooks, and my first inclination is to see what the policy is for the RS organization re giving baby showers. (that's what sounds like is going on.) I am inclined to go to a shower when someone in the ward takes it upon herself to throw a shower for someone, sends out her own invitations,etc. When the RS announces it in RS and passes around invites during RS and then someone phones to make sure you are coming and bringing something....well it is just the worst kind of arm-twisting charity and I would personally be mortified if I was the recipient. I especially take issue when it is NOT for a first-time mother and/or someone the missionaries tracted into and the RS thinks she "needs a friend." (even if she is moving next month!) So read the Handbook! It often solves a lot of this kind of akwardness, and Emily Post can take care of the rest. P.S. By the way, Candace, I didn't make it to your shower (was I even invited???) but I DO have a darling baby gift that I am getting to you...someday:)



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