My sister called me from Florida to tell me that Melinda got voted off. I was at mutual, so I couldn't confirm she wasn't lying to me until right now. (It still won't air in California for another hour.) WOW. Melinda was a really good singer, but come on folks, I don't mean to be rude but... she always kind of looked like something fell on her head. She'll still have a great career, I'm sure.

I like Blake the best. I know he isn't the greatest singer, but he is entertaining. However, Jordin should win. She looks the part and can carry off the corny single the winner has to release. I cringe thinking about Blake being forced to release a cheesy single like "A Moment Like This" about how "overcoming all obstacles" has made him the "Idol" he is today.*

Here is the link for tickets to American Idol and other shows. For American Idol, you have to get on the waiting list usually in December or January before the season starts up in order to get tickets during the finals. At least, that is what worked in the past!

*Side Thought: My sister, Kelley, seriously bawled the first time she saw the video for "A Moment Like This" because she was "so proud" of Kelly Clarkson. Ha ha ha. I love you, Kelley.


  1. I didn't realize it doesn't play at the same time in CA. So much for the whole live surprise. PA RULZ!

  2. I don't watch American Idol but I was showing Scott your blog and he said, oh yeah that's the guy from Bothell (referring to Blake Lewis). I grew up in Bothell! In fact my parents still live there and I'm there ALL the time. Weird huh? He's only a year older than me so I should know him because Bothell's not huge, it's only got one high school in it, but he went to a different high school that's on the border of another city. Too bad. They had a parade for him last week downtown in Bothell. I thought that was kinda cool though, so maybe I'll start watching and cheering him on, go Blake! :)

  3. Matt and I were watching and when
    Jordin was safe, we knew Melinda was going home. We were confident that Blake wouldn't be voted off. If at all possible, it's usually a guy and a girl in the finale. Unlike you, Cristin, I don't think I really care who wins now. I was voting for Melinda -- despite the deer-in-the-headlights look every time she got a compliment.

  4. Who didn't cry when Kelly Clarkson sang that song! :-) You go Kelly

  5. I figured Melinda would be going home. She has a great voice but would you ever buy her CD..no. I hope Blake wins but your right Jordin will probably take it.

  6. after watching Blake and Jordin's performances over and over again on youtube from the past 12 weeks... I really would like to see Blake win. I think he did a great job this past tuesday on those 3 songs and I enjoy watching him perform much more than I ever did Jordin. And yes, I cried when I watched Kelly's video- but the song was "miss independent" NOT "a moment like this". If you want to see a really good american idol performance. watch carrie underwood perfome "alone"... download it on youtube. amazing.



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