Perhaps this is old news, but the mail tends to be a little late in Tehachapi. I received my copy of this week's Time this morning with Mitt Romney on the cover and the heading: What Does Romney Really Believe?. Inside, two articles are devoted to Romney's beliefs. (I'm still waiting for my Time Magazines with the covers: Giuliani: Why is He So Vague about His Screwed up Personal Life? or McCain: How Presidential is a Cameo in The Wedding Crashers?)

I feel as if the media tends to explain Mormonism as a joke, almost on the same level as if we believed in Santa Claus meeting the Easter Bunny. You could make any religion sound silly: Muslims traveling to Mecca, Catholics Nuns, etc. For example, I could tell you some funny stuff about Catholics, but I don't want to be disrespectful so I will stop. The point is, this is the US of A. We pride ourselves on being tolerant of religious difference, that's why all this "Mormons Are Ca-Ray-Zay!" nonsense is driving me nuts. No one questions Giuliani's Roman Catholicism... if you are going to play the "religion card" with one candidate, it should be fair game for all.

I don't want to blindly support Romney just because I can personally relate to him (a Mormon who served his mission in France). However, I feel that he is the most honest out of the GOP pack. He is criticized for stumbling on his words (opponents are creating fake controversy when they bring up Romney's gaffe about calling himself a life long hunter) or changing his stance on abortion (whoop-te-doo, who hasn't changed their mind over the course of a decade?) I want a President that I can trust and will encourage action. And yes, I take character into account - Giuliani's and McCain's marital infidelities do bother me.

Anyway, these are interesting articles. I especially liked the excerpt from the letter to Mitt from his father, George, about his failed presidential campaign... kind of heartbreaking.


  1. Yes! Amen, amen, amen to ALL of that! And, let's be honest, if the race was solely based on looks Mitt would win in a heartbeat. Did you see those other guys on the debate on Tuesday night? YIKES! And, besides that, Mitt is a smart, nice, cordial, friendly guy in real life- too. I know- I was an intern in his office. I love that guy (not as much as Ben- but as much as one could love a public servant.)

  2. Do you wanna volunteer for the campaign when it comes time? Two of my dear friends are still working for him and are always looking for volunteers in CA.

  3. This presidential race really scares me, and I'm not really thrilled about any of the candidates. Mitt Romney seems to be the most honest about things and the most moral.

  4. There's a book called, "a mormon in the white house". you can find it on amazon and read the reviews. Half the people who wrote the reviews were not LDS and nearly all of them said after reading the book they were more likely to vote for Mitt in the election. I have read some and it has made me really like Mitt.

  5. Erik said I could post on this.

    Speaking as a Catholic, I can say that it irritates me that religion comes into the picture at all. Mitt's liability with the press is that he has a strong faith. That bothers them a lot. Add to that the predominant left secularist lean of the press, and you'll find them looking for any chink in the armor that they can find to tear him down. Did you notice that they Photoshopped the cover to inflate the size of his head? It's petty and stupid to do this, but that's their mentality.

    Large swaths of the "Christian" population of the country have an inherent distrust of faithful Catholics and Mormons and consider both churches non-Christian (how ridiculous). Because both churches have a hierarchical leadership and pretty cut and dried doctrine on moral issues, they portray candidates of both religions as beholden to non-elected religious figures (Pope and Prophet respectively). The press uses this inherent distrust as much as it can to tear down conservative candidates of these religions.

    Giuliani is Catholic, but he isn't a "good Catholic" by any measure, and he is only conservative on terror issues. That's why they are keeping their powder dry on him (for now), as they don't see him as a big risk to their agenda, and they hope that he will wash out in the primaries. They view Romney as more dangerous (like they did Bush) because he actually lives his faith.

    It bothers me that the left uses church as a prop when it is beneficial to them while assaulting religion at every opportunity. It's an event, rather than a faith to them. I've voted against candidates because of this, regardless of the faith that they purport to have. I could care less what religion people are, as long as they are good in their practice and faith, as long as their practice doesn't harm anyone else. It's the Mother Theresa view on different religions.

    I thought Mitt did well in the debate, but the crowd is just too thick now to get anything meaningful from them. He's definitely the guy to watch right now.

    Sorry for the length.



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