I attended Doris and Terri's (Erik's aunt and cousin's) annual tea party last Friday. It's a big event with 5 courses, musical numbers, waiters with bow ties... very fancy. Oh and did I mention that every woman is required to wear a big hat? It is a lot of fun. I think that next year I will start a trend and wear white gloves.

Doris and Terri put a ton of work into it. They do 2 tea parties in their backyard. One on Wednesday (around 30 people) and one on Friday (around 50 people). Sadly, they said that guests have been "stealing" things from the parties. Take a look at this fancy tea spoon. How could you not be tempted?

Here is Candace stealing the tea spoon. Don't tell Doris.

Kaci stealing her name holder. Shame on you!

My brother-in-law Christian as one of the servers... gotta love those hats!

The sandwich course

The dessert course

My sister Kaci and I enjoying our tea. Isn't it loverly!? Only 360 more days till the next tea party!


  1. I think my sister was at one of these. I always hear about my mom having to babysit because these tea parties are a big deal.

  2. We went to a Bridal Tea Shower last week for Carli (Randee's daughter). We were asked to wear white and also, hat, gloves and boas. If we didn't have these, they had extras for us to wear. Our party was very nice but not quite as elegant as the tea party you attended. Wish you lived closer so you could meet some of your Modesto cousins.



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