Next time you're at a checkout counter and you hear the beep — think of the fun you could have on Supermarket Sweep!

Just about every time I go to the grocery store I think, "Go fast like SUPERMARKET SWEEP!" The best part was the end when the contestants would run around this fake supermarket throwing stuff into their carts. The winner was the team who's products totalled up to the highest amount. When I was a kid, I dreamt about being on this show and how I would swipe my hand through the canned goods down the aisle to push stuff into my cart really fast. Even on my mission, since preparation day time was so precious I would always tell my companion, "Think Supermarket Sweep. Go, go, go!" in order to finish our shopping more quickly.

Now that I have to (I mean get to) shop with Luke, I go fast because if I slow down he will literally stand up and jump out of the shopping cart - like he did today. Don't worry, when he turned around and dove into the basket part of the cart, the seat belt caught him and kept him hanging about an inch from hitting his head (this is not the first time this has happened). So, whenever Luke and I go to the grocery store, I make a list according to the store layout/sales and chant "Supermarket Sweep, Supermarket Sweep" really quietly to myself to keep motivated to finish in record time.

In college when I was desperate for tuition money and looking for game shows to go on to pay for school (that seems like a logical solution to a money problem, right?), I called to see if I could get an audition to be a contestant on the show. Sadly, the recording said they hadn't taped an episode for two years!


  1. I loved that show! Its a shame its off the air.

  2. If you went on that show and spent your time in the canned food isle- you probably wouldn't win. You need to focus on the steaks, lobsters and laundry detergents. Thats where the money is. Obviously I have thought about this too.

  3. I remember watching that show when I was little! I thought it was the coolest game! I remember getting so anxious watching the teams run around like mad people! I hate grocery shoppping. I actually have to go tonight and that clip motivated me. So thanks!

  4. I loved that show way back when.



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