Call me crazy, but I don't get all the hype surrounding Tobey Maguire. We saw Spider Man 3 on Saturday night. I liked the 2nd one better, but still thought it was good. However, every time I watch a Spider Man movie I think the same thing: James Franco should be playing Spider Man, Tobey Maguire should be Harry Osborn, and Kirsten Dunst looks like my sister-in-law Trine! Tobey Maguire is the same in every movie I have ever seen him in! I just feel like its Spider Man starring the boring kid from Cider House Rules. This post probably sounds really mean. Oh well, I LOVE KIRSTEN DUNST though and thought she was great. Plus, if I am forced to watch any fantasy like superhero movie, I still prefer Spiderman over the other ones.


  1. I have been waiting to hear the feedback about this movie. The other day, vak and I were in a house talking to a (black) couple and they told us they were going to the movies that night and I asked, "are you going to see spider man?" and the guy said, "HE** NO! I don wannna go see no skinny white kid wearing a spidey suit jumping all around the place... I wanna see a movie where people get shot" they bought an alarm system.

  2. well, i have to kindly disagree. i like tobey and i like spiderman and i like this one better than number two. number one was still the best though. we just saw it on saturday night. maybe i was just happy to hang out with ben so my rose colored glasses were on...

  3. I guess my favorite part of the whole show was when Peter Parker was wearing the black alien suit and was strutting his stuff around town thinking he was the bomb. Did you notice that "bad" Peter Parker had EMO hair? So that's what's considered hot? It seemed like women mostly were scared of him as he was thrusting his pelvis around town. I thought he should've turned himself in to the authorities for the attempted murder of Sandman and Harry, but apparently, he just needed to forgive them for what they did to him, and since they didn't actually die, it's all good. Morals people. Morals.



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