Albertsons is running this Pirates of the Caribbean 3 promotion right now until the end of May. If you spend $25 on "participating products" you receive 2 free tickets to the movie. Of course I totally fell for it and got suckered into buying all their products. (I justified buying products I wouldn't normally buy because I figured I would of spent $20 on the movie anyway, so I might as well get some cereal out of it.) I left the grocery store on Friday with 4 bottles of marinade, 2 bottles of salad dressing, a box of Raisin Bran and a large thing of laundry detergent, all so that I could get these two tickets to a movie I wasn't even going to see in the first place because the second one was so lousy! So, if you are a sucker like me (and I know you are!), run on down to Albertsons and claim your "sort of free" movie tickets now!


  1. That's so funny you mentioned this, because I just heard it advertised on K-Earth this morning and I got SO excited, thinking "can I buy $25 worth of Kellog's and Coke products?"
    Unlike you, I'm completely into the hype of the Pirate's movie #3. I have loved them all. :-)

  2. Kirsten - That's good. Go get your tickets so you can see it with us then!

  3. I actually want to see it and I need to do some grocery shopping. Good info! Plus, I've heard the third one is supposed to be better than the second.

  4. Good news is I heard it was better than the second one! Thanks for the heads up about Albertsons I didn't know!



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