My sisters and I did some bad things to our parents as kids. When I was 5 I destroyed my mother's antique childhood heirloom to win the ugliest teddy bear contest at school. And then there was Kelley who as a teenager barricaded herself in the garage and threatened to saw her arm off if she did not get her own bedroom. (They had to call the cops to get her to calm down.) But to release a videotape of your father drunk to Entertainment Tonight?! Wow, that one takes the cake! If you watch the full version on You Tube it starts looking like a commercial for the Carl's Jr. $6 burger. I guess his alcoholism now explains this video and especially this one.


  1. oh, man! Oh, MAN! That's all I can say right now as I laugh, but it's not really funny. It's so sad! Do you know how recent that is? Maybe while he's on Baywatch? And his kid is all being the grownup and watching out for him. . . I don't know what to say. . .

  2. any publicity is good publicity, right?

  3. This is from 3 months ago. I really wonder if this is a publicity stunt. Wait, no, the Hoff is a good actor, but he's not THAT good.



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