Since Tehachapi only gets 2 and a half radio stations (country music and heavy metal), I have become obsessed with iTunes. When I'm not listening to Virgin Radio over iTunes all day (I love hearing the traffic and weather report for England, plus they play really funny radio games like "Drunk or Stoned?" when it is the middle of the night over there), I usually have a podcast on. I'd love to hear what other podcasts folks are hooked on. Here are some of my favorites:

This American Life - Ira Glass sounds like a 15 year old and the show is really liberal, but I can't get enough of it! They feature interesting stories about ordinary people. Very entertaining.

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack
- I am a big dork and if I missed something in an episode, Jay and Jack will be sure to point it out for me.

Ask a Ninja - A lot like Homestar Runner. Hilarious.

New BYU Speeches
- The weekly BYU devotional in a podcast form.

Dave Ramsey Show - Dave Ramsey is this self proclaimed financial guru who talks about money the way "God and your Grandma" would. People call into his radio show and say things like, "I make $150k a year and we may have to file bankruptcy." Then Dave works them through their money problems. Erik actually called into his show once and was on. He asked what we should do about the crazy housing market and Dave said to consider moving.

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