We finished watching PBS' 2-Part Series on Mormons last night. I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. Highlights for me included: the converted woman who thought the LDS church was the LSD church and said, "That's the church for me!", interviews with Marlin K. Jensen, and stories about the church's humanitarian work. Low points were definitely all the interviews with excommunicated members, in particular, those two women who were talking about the temple. I was holding my breath the whole time they were speaking. Someone interviewed brought up a good point - excommunications are never published, in other words the church never makes a statement, so we are only hearing one side of the story.

I don't really feel bad either if Mitt Romney has to defend his religion to the public during his campaign. Don't we all have to "defend" our religion at times in one form or another, i.e., on a mission, to our friends, etc.? I asked Erik if anyone at work said anything to him about it and he said, "No, because no one watches PBS, only Mormons do."

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