First things first, Michael Jackson called and he wants his jacket back. Maybe Paula dressed Randy tonight? She was obviously hyped up on pain medication from tripping over her dog, so that would explain his strange ensemble. Simon really proved why he earns the big bucks. He was the only judge to say anything meaningful tonight. Too bad.

Other than that, I thought the final two were a little disappointing. I still like Blake best, but Jordin seems to need this more. Besides, the American Idol single suits her better. Poor Blake looked like he was in severe pain trying to pull that last song off. I joked tonight with Erik... only one more day of season finales left and then we'll have to start talking to each other again.


  1. Since I am watching t.v. on the east coast, but in west coast time... I was soo afraid I would not be able to vote so as soon Blake sang the first song I voted for him 20 times in a row, but then halfway through the show I started feeling really bad because I felt like Jordin deserved it more- so I quickly voted for her 20 times. Needless to say my votes were totally pointless! Unless they tie then you can thank me.

  2. Kirsten and kids came over to watch last night's episode...we also felt sorry for Blake on his last song....Jordin nailed hers. We like them both but think Jordin will win it. We'll see tonight!

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  4. I feel like every year it happens where the contestants don't really do themselves proud and choose good songs for themselves- obviously they can't help the last one, but Blake's second and Jordin's first did nothing for them, and this is when it matters most! It's kinda frustrating to me that every year for the past few years the finalists don't really pull it on on their big night. -sigh- oh well. My prediction is that Jordin will win because she cried and has the better voice, but that should be better for Blake in the long run because he'll probably get a better deal then the american idol contract anyway.

  5. I could not have said it better myself! Both Randy and Paula looked like they were going to a costume party, who dressed them anyway. Its sad that all of the good shows are ending. Tonight we say good bye to LOST, so sad. At least we have "So You Think You Can Dance" on this summer.



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