Just in case you didn't know, Jordin won American Idol. (I haven't been able to watch the AI finale yet, probably won't till tomorrow.) Now, on to more important news: the season finale of Lost was really REALLY good! Who saw that whole "flash forward" thing coming? Not me. Candace called me during the commercial break crying when Charlie died. I'm sad, but I know this isn't real life, so it'll be okay. His death reminded me of the movie, White Squall, (except for the whole, "Not Penny's Boat" thing).


1. Why don't they just kill Ben?
2. I think Charlie could have survived, don't you? I think he wanted to be a martyr.
3. Does anyone else think its funny that Penny is ready at a moment's notice to talk into her little webcam thing? Very Austin Powers-ish.
4. How soon till they get rescued? Next season premiere?
5. I still don't understand how Richard (the Other who wears too much eyeliner) doesn't age.
6. I hate Locke.
7. How did Mikhail get a grenade and scuba gear on so quickly? That was just weird.
8. Who was Kate talking about when she said, "He'll know I'm gone"? Sawyer?
9. Why do some people (Locke and Mikhail) never die?
10. Is Jacob real?
11. How am I going to wait till February for new episodes?


  1. Even Hobbits need to die sometime...poor Merryweather...

  2. So, is it worth investing in the DVD's? Sadly, I've only seen half of one episode. I knew I'd get hooked and I just didn't have the time.

  3. Chloe - Definitely get the DVD's. If I had the patience, I would wait till the season was over and watch them straight through on DVD.

  4. CRISTIN- I WAS NOT CRYING. I was just saying that I was a little sad that Charlie was going to die now that he had so much to live for; i.e. Claire, Aaron, and being drug free. I also didn't understand why he didn't crawl out the window. I also think it was Locke's funeral that Jake went to, and no one else went because he was trying to keep them on the island. I also did tell Tyler half way through the episode that it was a flash-forward because the flashbacks are telling us who they were before the island and now we are going to see what they will become because of the island. I am still pondering everything. I will post another comment once I have another thought.
    (I know that the characters are not real)

  5. Well, Matt and I were engrossed the entire time, too. I actually think the funeral was Ben's (the helicopter rescues everyone) and Jack is the only one that wants to go back, and he knew that Ben was his only way. Maybe? My friend actually asked if anything was resolved. I'm not sure what "resolved" means anymore for LOST.

  6. 8. Who was Kate talking about when she said, "He'll know I'm gone"? Sawyer?
    I think they want you to think Sawyer, but maybe it is Ben. Maybe he still has some type of control. I have no idea.

    I think the funeral was someone who was at one point close to Kate... Sawyer (probably had a falling out and is no longer close) or her mom (who betrayed her).

  7. My theory is that the island is in another dimension, so since we have seen a flash-forward perhaps reality isn't really reality. Maybe they coexist at the same time, like the island experience and post-island experience are happening simultaneously, therefore they have a chance to change the future. Too much? ok, well, I just want a loophole to say that Charlie isn't really dead. I also think the funeral was Ben's.



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