Last Saturday, my sister-in-laws and I were invited over to the home of a woman trying to get rid of her Layers Clothing inventory. She was selling all the shirts for $5 and $10. I have never worn Layers Clothing before, but I admired their marketing because hey think how many more shirts you can sell if you convince women they have to wear 2 at a time! These shirts normally run around $20 each. Anyway, I ended up buying 4 shirts and I am now converted. I love these shirts! I can wear so many more of my clothes now without having to worry about this or that hanging out. I don't think I'll start throwing "Tee Parties" anytime soon (I have never been a fan of multi-level marketing, i.e., pampered chef, mary kay, candle parties, etc.), but I do wish I would of bought more of these shirts while they were so cheap.

On a side note, I have to applaud my sister-in-law, Else. She wrote an email to Layers last year about their two piece bathing suits. She pointed out the irony that a company so focused on covering the midriff exposes it freely in their bathing suit designs. I have noticed that the "midriff bearing" bathing suits are a little toned down now on their website (still prominent, but not as bad as before)... I wonder if she had anything to do with that?

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  1. I haven't tried Layers but I live in two layered DownEast shirts daily. Love those things.



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