I always get tickets to American Idol, every year, without fail. I don't always go, but I always get offered them. Well, this year, I did not get them. I'm guessing that I got on the waiting list too late. If they were going to come, they would of come last Friday, and they didn't. It's pathetic, but I am seriously sad. I wanted to hear Melinda sing and see Blake beatboxing LIVE! Instead, the ticket company has sent me tickets for Dancing with the Stars (I gave those to my sister-in-law, Mette) and now, today, they sent me an opportunity to see a pre-screening of The Bachelor finale live and meet the winners for a question and answer thing. Too bad I don't watch The Bachelor or that would probably be really exciting for me. (If anyone is interested in the Bachelor tickets, email me and they are yours!)

Boo-hoo. People are starving in Africa and I am sad about not getting American Idol tickets... where are my priorities!?


  1. Hello! How do you even get tickets like that? What is your connection? I don't watch the bachelor either but Greg Carlson is a huge fan!

  2. You will just have to see them in concert when they visit a city near you. It wont be free- but Sanjaya will be there :)

  3. How the heck do you get those tickets? And what do you think about the final two?

  4. I am really sad that we were never companions. You are funny!



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