ABC announced that Lost will end in 2010. The next three seasons will have 16 episodes each and will run like "24" (back to back) starting in February. Hallelujah! As Erik once said, "Now I can have my life back." Not that this show overly consumes us but sometimes you just can't help but get sucked in to the neverending questions. You know we are all just fooling ourselves by saying they are beginning to answer questions because with each answer there is about 5 more questions posed. Why do I keep watching this show??

In lame news, I read yesterday that stupid Karen on the Office will be back for season 4. I like Rashida Jones, but I was so mad when I read that, I could of thrown something at my computer. I could of literally thrown my computer! I have to keep telling myself, "It's not real life. Its just a tv show. Pam and Jim aren't real people, Cristin." Just like how Anne and Gilbert, and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett aren't real people too.


  1. I do not miss TV too much! :-) Especially the "getting sucked into shows" part. And I'm not trying to be high and mighty about it, either. Although, I do consider myself super-intelligent. Ha ha. Really, I ask myself daily, "am I sure I went to college"?

  2. Actually, Pam acts so dumb about Roy sometimes that I actually want Karen and Jim to stay together. Karen's cooler lately. Although I was happy that Pam changed the tire last week b/c it made me like her more again for some reason.

  3. Well, I'm very into LOST and so is Matt, but he's upset that there are still 3 years left. I'm okay with it since it's the only show I'm really into -- sorry, I never have really watched The Office. From what I understand, I'm missing out. Oh, well.

  4. I don't watch either show because I don't want to get hooked. I do remember your obsession with Lost back from the Wymount days. You are a true, devoted fan.

  5. But it is lame...just the same. Even if it isn't real. But, do we think she is going to be prominent in season 4? And I loved tonight how Pam just spilled her guts.

    p.s. this is Chloe from the mission (I saw your blog link on the mission site).



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