People tend to associate magic with dorkiness (David Copperfield is about as cheesy as David Hasselhoff or watch Michael Scott and his fascination with "magic camp"). I was reminiscing last night about this cheap magic set I had as a kid. The magic wand had fake flowers that came out of the end of it when you tapped it just right. That is very cool when you are 8.

This past weekend we watched 2 magic movies: The Illusionist and The Prestige.
MAJOR SPOILER ALERT - so do not keep reading if you want to see these movies someday. Erik and I decided that we liked The Illusionist the best. I thought the Prestige was kind of ridiculous. Maybe I didn't understand it, because lots of people love this movie. I seriously hated Christian Bale by the time it was over. What a cop out that he had a twin and Hugh Jackman got a machine from David Bowie that made clones. I still don't get how the clone ended up in the tank or outside of the theatre. So did the clone drown or was it the real Hugh Jackman? At least in The Illusionist, the trick was legitimately explained... no "magical machines." The Prestige had one thing going for it though, the actors were much better to look at than in The Illusionist, with the exception of Jessica Biel.


  1. WHAT! That was the thing about the prestige... they want to such great lengths to ruin the other person's life... that they destroyed themselves. High Jackman said, "I don't know if it is going to be me in the water- or me in the stands". Didn't you see at the end where he had 50 glass cages of himself? I think the prestige had a much big story line and was much more powerful...

  2. I only saw the illusionist and it was okay. It did seem like it was a low budget movie though.

  3. I haven't seen the illusionist because I CAN'T STAND Jessica Biel. I know that's judgemental, but really, Cristin? Jessica Biel? And I think the point is that you are supposed to really hate both of them, Christian and Hugh...or their characters, anyway.

  4. Chloe- I too could NOT stand Jessica Biel, and was not excited to watch her in the illusionist, but she did such a good job in the movie and was very beautiful and classy. Watch it. You will be surprised.

  5. So I just finished watching The Illusionist with my dad here in town, and decide to finally catch up on some of my fellow bloggers' sites, and what do I find here? How weird is that? I liked the Illunionist but am still dying to see The Prestige. Haven't yet. But will. And I'll like it - of that I'm certain. Does anyone remember Christian Bale in Treasure Island? That's the first time I saw him and had a crush on him for YEARS after that.

  6. Okay...I'm renting it this weekend. I'm still skeptical, though.



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