Despite being 8 months pregnant last Mothers Day, Erik told me I was not a "real mom" yet, so he didn't do anything for me for Mothers Day. Therefore, I will be milking tomorrow for all it is worth to make up for all those missed Mothers Days. (60-40) It is Mothers Day Eve and Erik has already cleaned the kitchen, done laundry, bought me flowers, gave me a really nice card that made me cry, and bought me Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. Wow, how can he top this tomorrow!?

Now, I turn the spotlight on the two mothers in my life: my mom and my mother-in-law. Since I can not be with either of them tomorrow, these amazingly bad poems are for you!


I'm glad you're my mother
But never a "Smother"
You're always up for a chat
and talk to Luke like he's your cat

Let us not forget that you are a Jew
Taught me how to be thrifty and make potato pancakes too

My best memories would have to be
all the great tales you used to tell me:
The Patty Hearst Kidnapping and Jonestown Massacre are just of a few
of the bedtime stories I learned from you

That may sound strange to ordinary folk
But you made me who I am and that is no joke

Thank you for being not only my mother, but pal -
You've made me glad that you are such an amazing gal!


Qualities galore are what you possess
Here are a few, (and you're never a mess)

Enough food for an army you easily cook
and yet still able to maintain your amazing good looks.
Plus a mother of nine,
And you've raised them all fine!

You're always offering to babysit
And your advice is a hit,
You're willing to listen or up for a talk
And are dedicated to taking your morning walks

I'm grateful you are my M-I-L,
Which means that you are swell!


  1. You make me cry! I feel honored!
    I'm so thankful for you and appreciate our mutual friendship and love for one another. I honor you, Cristin, for being the great mommy you are. I'm so thankful Luke is blessed to have you for his mom (and thankful Erik married you.) Erik had a great teacher in his dad at making mother's days special....good job, Erik! I'm proud of you!
    Love, mama Lassen

  2. Very creative coming up with those poems. Maybe you should write for Hallmark or something.

  3. Okay, to Erik -- I can't believe last year didn't count as Mother's Day for Cristin. She was about to pop. Not to mention, that at church, all women over 18 get treated special and receive some sort of gift.

    Cristin - Impressive poems. I don't even attempt.



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