202 DAYS

That is exactly how many days until Luke can go to Nursery at church.

For those of you who didn't know, I am a Mormon. Someone said to me the other day, "Mormons go to church for like 7 hours a week, right?" I was like, "No... you're crazy." But then I thought about it, and with a 3 hour block of meetings on Sunday, meetings for our callings (volunteer jobs at church), mid-week youth activities, and other various activities, it really is like 7 hours of church!

It is hard to explain to someone not of my religion why I would take an active 11 month old to a 3 hour block of meetings each Sunday. I'm starting to wonder myself.... don't worry, I'm not having a faith crisis, it's just getting to be so not fun on Sundays for both Erik and I.

Please bear with me while I vent:

Sundays are turning into quite the battle. Luke, naturally, refuses to sit on our lap quietly during the first hour of church (Sacrament Meeting). We are trying this thing where we don't reward him during Sacrament Meeting by either (a) putting him down in the chapel or (b) taking him out of the chapel and letting him run around in the hallway. I don't know if he sees the correlation yet, but we keep trying. Yesterday he started screaming and throwing stuff (crackers, sippy cup, and books) in the chapel, so we took turns with him in the hallway, while he literally wrestled with and hit us to get out of our arms. The remaining 2 hours are spent following him around the church (Erik and I switch off with hall duty). When we do try taking him to Sunday School (the 2nd hour) he pushes the empty chairs all over the room and majorly disrupts the class. I know we need to be at church, even if we're in the hallway, but sometimes it is so frustrating when it feels like we are getting all dressed up just to roam the halls of the church for 40 minutes.

What did I do during church before I had a baby? I think I used to listen to the talks and attend the classes. Now, whenever I see people in the halls without an excuse, I want to say, "Hey, you're out here for no reason. Want to watch my kid so I can go to class?"

Sunday ends. We go through out the week, Sunday rolls around again and we have conveniently forgotten the events of the previous Sunday. Optimistically, we go to church expecting Luke to be our little "Angel Baby", our expectations are crushed, and the cycle starts all over again...


  1. What I married a Mormon? I had no idea....sheesh, I guess I better throw out all my beer. Maybe if you were a better example of living what you beleived I wouldn't be so suprised!

    (makes me think of your dad when your mom told him that she was a moromon after they were married)

  2. Interesting, Erik, your comment regarding religious disclosure after marriage...funny, but that's not how I remember it. I do recall struggling with 4 children on my own Sunday after Sunday, so be grateful that there are TWO of you to trade off the duties. Love, Cristin's Mom

  3. Hey Lurker, I mean Kathy... You do read Cristin's blog! She cries everyday thinking that her own mother doesn't read her blog becuase there are no comments from her J.K. :oP
    Still it's a little mis-leading because you are using Chuck's name to make the comment. I'm sure Sunday's were fun you. As we all well know, Luke got his restlessness from Cristin. If he was more like me, he would be super attentive and well behaved.

    P.S. I spelled Mormon wrong in the previous post...don't worry I went to a good school.
    P.P.S. I was teasing Cristin in my previous comment, proving to her that I read her blog, even when she doesn't ask me to.

  4. wow Erik. Don't hold it back. Or maybe I should be directing that to Cristin... Erik's source. I feel another "mommy dearest" blog coming.

  5. You're not alone in your struggles with a toddler during church. I remember my mom once complaining about young parents who didn't take their crying children out of classes. She said, "I spent many years doing the same thing. It's now my time to enjoy church. Please take your children out!" (I laughed inside because I'm sure there were times she didn't take them out either.) She always said that parents are blessed for caring and teaching their children, even if you don't feel very spiritual.

  6. Elisabeth is finally reverent during meetings! So all the holding and not letting them play around during meetings or whatever you're doing to help them learn to be reverent pays off...though it may take another year or so :). Something that helped her was our quiet time we had almost every day(this isn't in place of nap); we'd get our church bag out w/books and toys etc and snacks and we'd all sit on the couch quietly...we started at about 5 minutes and then moved the time up once she was doing good and eventually got it up to 45 minutes. She could talk but only in whispers which was a lot easier to teach her in the comfort of our own home instead of at church in front of everyone else. I think it makes it a little easier for kids to remember good behavior for sacrament when it's something you practice a few times a week. Oh and just so you know this was not my own really good idea, I found it on lds.org in an old Ensign :). I love that website!

  7. It does get better - and then you have another child and you start all over again...YAY! What we used to do (and we're not model parents by ANY means) is let Hayden do things like color, look at books, etc. if he was good in the chapel. If he was not good he would go sit out in the bench on our laps. He learned to sit quietly so that he could sit on his own and color vs. being held down on our laps.

    I do think they have to learn to sit still, but I also think that it's a gradual thing. Kids will do things that are kid appropriate. We did a lot of hall walking when Hayden was that age and switching off.

    We have now worked up to only taking the Friend or other church materials and he cannot have those during songs, prayers, or passing/partaking of the sacrament. So, basically, he can only color during the crazy talks we get in our ward.

    We'll do the same thing with Owen too. Hang in there. It stinks.



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