The irony is, when Luke was born I was given all these cutesy baby shoes that he never wore because they were for decoration. Now he is walking and desperately needs shoes, but I am really struggling to find him a good pair. Problem #1: Extremely narrow Feet. Problem #2: Extremely Cheap Mother (me). (I don't want to spend $50 because he could lose them. I don't even spend $50 on my own shoes!)

When he started cruising a couple of months ago, we bought him a pair of $30 sandals that the Stride Rite lady recommended to us. What a joke. They were too wide for his feet, so he had to wear them with socks so that they wouldn't fall off. Then we endured the inevitable, "Why is your kid wearing sandals with socks?" I felt like such a hypocrite because I always made fun of sandals with socks and now I was prancing my kid around town in them. Anyway, even the socks couldn't keep those sandals on his feet and I am very disheartened with the whole Stride Rite experience now.

Last week I went to Target and bought him Ministar Baby Leather Shoes ($12.99) which are actually really good and stay on his feet. The only problem is that there isn't enough protection on the soles, so I don't think they're going to last him much longer. I also think they are too small because every time I take them off there is an elastic mark around his ankles. Ow.

Today at the Farmers Market, I was very tempted by a woman selling Pediped's for $27. They look like glorified Ministars, with better soles. I looked online and $27 seems typical.

I welcome any suggestions. I hate wasting money on baby shoes!


  1. I'm having the same problem. Liam needs stride rite's because they are so typically wide, but I'm not willing to spend that much money on a pair of shoes that he's going to grow out of in a matter of weeks or even days. I like the robees or pedipeds. Liam's been wearing the Target brand forever now, but they're a pain if the get wet or what not. I can't believe I just said or what not. I've actually had a lot of luck at Payless. They have a variety and they are inexpensive.

  2. Cristin... you actually might be cheaper than mom! You will spend $13 on a pair of crap shoes that will hurt your kids feet. I know you and by the time you are done buying all these random cheap shoes you would have spent $50+ not including your time and gas driving around to find what you may think are deals. please get over your (thrifty heritage) and next time Luke needs shoes go to the rack, or macy's and buy him a pair of decent shoes off of the clearence rack- much better quality.
    That is all I have to say...

  3. Vans has really cute shoes for boys. They are also narrow, perfect for his feet. They cost about 20.00. I also like robees or pedipeds, they stay on the best. Of course Jake doesn't walk yet so maybe I am giving you bad advice.

  4. Carson wears the fake Robeez style shoes from the Disney Store ($3.99 even though they have Dumbos on them). They are great cause they stay on and form to his feet. Not the best soles, but they wipe clean pretty well. But you already know that.

  5. We usually just get target or walmart shoes, pretty cheap but they do the job for our kids

  6. I don't think I've ever spent more than $15 on a pair of shoes for my kids. I usually shop Target, Walmart, Kohls sales, or Payless Shoes. Sometimes Kmart if they are cute. I haven't had any problems.

  7. I'm a firm believer in good shoes for kids. My kids have nicer shoes than I do. Hayden stays in his shoes longer than he used to so it doesn't seem like a waste anymore. (I will buy cheap church shoes from Target b/c they only wear them 3 hours a week but only solid tennis shoes for the boys).

    Here's what we do. When we did stride rite we would go to the outlets - Park City has some. I don't know if you have any around you now.

    We buy Hayden's shoes at Famous Footwear b/c they have a good selection of new balance and they're affordable (we got his new pair 2 weeks ago for $30 on sale).

    Owen isn't walking so we have all soft-soled shoes still but will probably do stride rite once he is walking (my kids have fat feet).

    Disclaimer: 9 times out of 10 the boys' shoes are on the in-laws dime b/c they also believe in good shoes for toddlers.

    Oh and I don't know what it is but I don't like the look of Robeez...I think I'm the only mom in America who doesn't like them.

  8. One more thing - I agree with kelley and vak :).

    Also, I checked out your link to pedipeds...those are cute. I could do those. If you like the Robeez style definately do those over Robeez.

    I buy cheap kids clothes all the time, but just not shoes.

  9. THANK YOU Kimberly!!! and I agree with you 100% too.

  10. Okay. Let me set the record straight. I NEVER went cheap with my baby's shoes. Maybe I went cheap on haircuts, maybe I skimped on Halloween costumes, but not on shoes for kids. I don't know what Robeez are...Do they have arch supports? Do they lace-up? (Cristin's Mom)

  11. Well, I kind of agree with you on the whole shoe thing, because Luke's growing really fast right now. But ya, poor kid. sometimes you just have to spend the money!



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